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Billing No-Shows to Insurers

Jane doesn’t allow insurers to pick up the balance from an appointment marked as “No Show” since most insurance companies and payers will refuse payment if the patient did not attend their appointment. But, in the case that the insurer or payer has agreed to pay for some or all no-shows, there are a couple of workarounds you can use!

Double Booking

Beside the original “No Show” appointment you can double book a fresh appointment, attaching the payer to that visit instead.

First, you’ll want to click on the original appointment and mark it as “No Show” normally, choosing the “No Charge” option. Then you can click Copy and hit the D key on your keyboard to open a column to place that copy into:

If you’re not seeing that column appear when hitting the D key, head over to Settings > Schedule Settings to ensure that double booking is enabled (note that this will not allow patients to double book themselves).

Once you’ve booked that in, you’ll want to ensure that the payer/insurance policy is added attached to the second booking. Your schedule will look something like this:


This option has a few extra steps involved, but this is a great alternative if you don’t want to have two appointments booked on the same day for your patient.

To get started, you can head to the Settings tab and click on Products within the left sidebar menu.

Next, you’ll click on the blue New Product button and create a new product called “No Show”, “Late Cancellation”, or whatever language you’d prefer.

You’ll want to set the Amount to $0.00, keeping in mind we’ll edit this amount later, to reflect the actual cost being billed to the third party.

You can select Treatment Income as your income category (or if you’ve customized your income categories, whichever would be most appropriate).

At the time of the no-show, you can mark the appointment as No Show, selecting the No Charge option.

Next, you’ll want to head over to the Patient’s Profile, and click on the Billing tab. From there, you can generate a product invoice by clicking on the blue New Purchase button.

Note📝: If you are billing this No Show through an integrated insurer, check out this guide doc on Billing to Insurers without an Appointment that walks through the process in a bit more detail.

Make sure to hit the blue Save button when completing the product sale, so we can go back in and add the policy. You can click on the word View for the no show product invoice and attach the policy.

To do this, scroll down to the Insurance area and click on the Add Policy button. From there, you’ll be able to select the policy you’ve set up for the patient.

Within the Eligible Amount field, enter the total amount you’d like to bill to the insurer for the No Show.

This invoice is now ready to be submitted just the same as any insurer invoice. You can forward the invoice for payment to the company that has agreed to pay for this charge!

As always, if you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact our support team 💙

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