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TELUS eClaims - Setting Up Your TELUS eClaims Integration

We are really, really…..(and let’s add another really just for good measure) happy to say that Jane is integrated with TELUS eClaims.

Feel free to scroll through this guide, or jump to a particular section below:

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please visit our TELUS eClaims FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide.

Note📍: This integration is only available on the Practice or Thrive plans with our Insurance add-on. Check out our guide on ​Missing the Insurers Tab? Adding the Insurance add-on to the Practice or Thrive Plan for more details on how you can upgrade your subscription.

TELUS eClaims Supported Insurers and Disciplines

With this integration, you’ll be able to submit claims to the following list of insurers:

  • BPA - Benefit Plan Administrators
  • Canada Life
  • Canada Life - PSHCP
  • Canadian Construction Workers Union (C.C.W.U.)
  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan
  • ClaimSecure
  • Coughlin & Associates
  • Cowan
  • D.A. Townley
  • Desjardins Insurance
  • Equitable Life
  • First Canadian
  • GMS Carrier 49
  • GMS Carrier 50
  • GroupHEALTH
  • GroupSource
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Johnson Inc.
  • Johnston Group
  • Beneva Inc. (formerly La Capitale Financial Group)
  • LiUna Local 183
  • LiUna Local 506
  • Manion
  • Manulife Financial
  • Maximum Benefit
  • MDM Insurance Services
  • People Corporation
  • RWAM Insurance Administrators
  • Simply Benefits
  • TELUS AdjudiCare
  • Union Benefits
  • UV Insurance
  • Alberta Blue Cross *only available for healthcare practitioners OUTSIDE of Alberta

Jane’s eClaims integration is available to chiropractors, counsellors, dietitians, physiotherapists, psychologists, podiatrists, speech-language pathologists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, chiropodists, physical rehabilitation therapists, social workers, occupational therapists, psychotherapists and osteopaths.

💡 Jane Tip: TELUS also has a handy Insurer Toolkit page where you can enter your discipline and province to see a list of participating insurers.

New to TELUS eClaims? Register an Account

New to TELUS eClaims? If you are not currently registered to submit claims through TELUS eClaims on behalf of your patients, you’ll need to register your clinic prior to establishing your integration in Jane.

You can complete the registration process through TELUS here. Once your registration is processed by TELUS, you will receive an email from them with further instructions on how to access eClaims and link your eClaims account to Jane.

Current TELUS eClaims user? If you are already registered with TELUS eClaims, read on for instructions on where to find the credentials you’ll need to link your existing eClaims account with Jane. 👇

We have two videos we’ve included below. You’ll want to watch the one that is relevant to you and your clinic. Are you a solo practitioner? Or, an organization & group of practitioners?



To begin, you’ll need to link your TELUS eClaims account to Jane.

Head on over to the Settings tab of your account and then select Integrations > TELUS eClaims > Get Started.

💡 Note that only Full Access users can see TELUS eClaims in the Settings > Integrations area. If you don’t see TELUS eClaims in your Integrations list, please check in with your Account Owner.

Before getting started with linking your TELUS eClaims account to Jane, there are a couple of settings we’ll need to double-check first:

  • All disciplines are assigned to a category.
  • All treatments are assigned to a discipline.

Jane will automatically check your account settings and let you know if there are any disciplines missing a category or if there are any treatments not assigned to a discipline.

If there are any missing disciplines or categories, choose the appropriate option from the drop-down menu next to each item to assign a category or discipline. Then, select the blue “Update All” in the bottom right-hand corner to apply those changes all in one go.

Once your treatment and discipline settings are A-okay, you are ready to add your TELUS eClaims account credentials.

🚨 Make sure that when you are entering your eClaims account credentials that you are entering all the information exactly as it is presented in the TELUS Provider Portal. Please do not add any extra spaces or “0”. Any discrepancies between what TELUS has on file and what is entered in Jane will cause errors when submitting claims.

A. We’ll start by linking a location:

You’ll need to have the following information ready:

Username - This is the same username you use to log into the eClaims portal. Hint: this will NOT be an email address. eClaims usernames have a specific format e.g. XX0000123456

Password - This is the same password you use to log into the eClaims portal.

If you have forgotten your TELUS eClaims username or need to reset your password, you can do so directly on their website: TELUS Forgot/reset my password and TELUS Forgot username.

First Name – Ensure that this matches what TELUS has on file for the username you are using.

Last Name - Ensure that this matches what TELUS has on file for the username you are using.

Location ID - This will be a 5 or 6 digit number, not your clinic’s address.

To find your Location ID, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the eClaims portal. You’ll need to make sure that you are signing in with an administrator account in order to be able to access all of the information you’ll need.
  2. From the Home Screen, head to the menu option in the top left corner of the screen and select “Banking Information” from the list.

Then, in the “Banking Information” section, you can find your Location ID in the middle right of the screen, under Location.

After entering your Location ID in Jane– if your clinic is not registered as an organization with TELUS eClaims, select “No” and move straight ahead to clicking “Link Location”. In TELUS’s system, a clinic or organization usually has more than one provider associated and only one location. If you are a solo or independent provider, select “No”.

If your clinic is registered as an organization with TELUS eClaims, select “Yes” from the dropdown menu and enter your Organization Name and Organization CPR ID.

To find your Organization Name and Organization CPR ID, follow the steps below:

  1. Within the eClaims portal, head to the “Banking Information” page.
  2. Your Organization Name (shown as Provider Name in the TELUS portal) and Organization CPR ID (shown as TELUS Provider ID in the TELUS portal; a 4-7 digit number) are displayed at the top-right of the page under “Profile”.

When all the details have been entered, hit the “Link Location” button.

B. Next, you’ll add the provider details.

Click the “Link Provider” button under your newly created location.

You’ll need to have the following credentials handy:

Provider Name - If you are adding a provider who is part of a clinic, use the name that is listed under the “Associated Provider(s)” section of the eClaims portal.

Provider Type (i.e. discipline)

License ID – This is the license number issued by the provider’s college or association. You can find this number listed under the “Associated Provider(s)” section of the eClaims portal. The license number entered should match exactly what is seen in the eClaims portal. If there are leading zeroes or spaces in the license number, you will need to include them. It is important to note that if the License ID does not match exactly what TELUS has on file, you will receive a specific error message – “NL20 Provider not authorized for eClaims” – when you submit your first claim. If this occurs, please contact TELUS to verify and make any changes to the provider License IDs.

License issuer - This is the college or association that issued the License ID. You can find this information listed under the “Associated Provider(s)” section of the eClaims portal.

Provider CPR ID (issued by TELUS) - This will be a 4-7 digit number. Follow the steps below to find a provider’s CPR ID:

  1. Again, back in the eClaims portal, head to the “Banking Information” page.

  2. The Provider CPR IDs for all your Associate Providers are listed at the bottom right of the page under “Associated Provider(s)”. Each provider will have a unique CPR ID, which can be found under their name as their TELUS Provider ID.

If you work independently and don’t have associate providers, you can find your Provider CPR ID under “Profile” at the top of the page.

Here is what that will look like in Jane with all the credentials entered:

Note: Multi-licensed providers will need to add one provider to the integration for each license that they hold.

Select the corresponding Jane staff member profile, fill in the provider’s details, and be sure to specify whether they are set up as an Associate Provider or an Independent Provider.

  • Select “Associate” if your clinic is set up as an Organization with TELUS eClaims and the provider is registered as an Associate provider as part of your Organization.
  • Select “Independent/Solo Practitioner” if you answered “No” to the “Is this clinic registered as an organization with TELUS eClaims?” question when setting up your location and you are either a solo practitioner or an independent provider working in a larger clinic.

If setting up a provider as an “Independent Provider”, you will have the ability to add their specific TELUS eClaims account credentials only if they are different from credentials for the location account that was set up in the previous step. This means that if you are a solo practitioner, you can leave these fields blank.

To find your “Location ID” in the eClaims portal follow the same instructions as described above for linking up your Location in Jane.

Once all of the details have been entered, click “Link Provider”.

You’ll be taken back to the account overview page where you can add the rest of your staff members by clicking “Add Provider”, or add another location if applicable by clicking “Add Location”.

Note: Providers who work out of more than one location will need to be added to each location separately within the integration.

Multi-licensed Providers

If you have any staff members who hold more than one license, and who are set up to bill for two (or more) disciplines through TELUS eClaims (e.g. massage and acupuncture), you will need to add them as a provider in the integration and enter in their licensing details separately for each license they hold.

Payment Preference

Once all of your locations and providers have been added, you are ready for the final step – setting your payment preference.

By default, Jane will automatically record a payment for the insurer invoice and mark the claim as Approved for each claim that has successfully been submitted through the TELUS eClaims integration as soon as the approved response is received. It is important to note that these payments will be recorded at the time of the submission and will not coordinate with the deposits you receive from the insurer.

For that reason, if you would prefer to record the payments manually when you receive your individual statements from the insurers, you can enable that preference by checking the box: “Record Payments Manually”.

If the “Record Payments Manually” option is selected, when a positive response (approval) is received for a claim submitted through the TELUS eClaims integration, the claim will be marked as Submitted and left unpaid.

When you receive your statement and direct deposit from the insurers, you can proceed with manually recording the applicable payments to each claim.

For details on manually recording these types of payments, check out our Receiving an Insurer Payment guide.

Create New TELUS eClaims Insurers

*and transition existing insurers.

If you are just getting started with insurance billing in Jane, you’ll need to start by creating insurers for each of the TELUS eClaims supported insurers you submit to.

To add a new TELUS insurer, head to Settings > Insurers, select “New Insurer”, and add a new TELUS eClaims insurer.

Give the insurer a name and then select the appropriate TELUS-supported insurer from the “Electronic Submission Insurer” drop-down list, review the default settings, and hit “Save”.

Great! Now that your TELUS eClaims login has been successfully linked to your Jane account, you’re ready to start submitting claims - directly from Jane!

Transitioning Existing Insurers (Optional)

Upgrade Your Existing Insurers and Policies to TELUS eClaims Insurers for Future Submissions (Optional)

If you are currently tracking your TELUS eClaims submissions in Jane and submitting externally via the eClaims portal, the “paper” insurers you have been using (and any patient policies) will not be compatible with the eClaims integration now that you will be making TELUS eClaims submissions directly from Jane.

However, Jane has a way for you to upgrade your existing insurers and transition them over to the new integration!

First, head on over to Settings > Integrations, and then select “1 Integration”.

Next, click the “Upgrade Existing Insurers to TELUS eClaims Insurers” button.

From here, assign a supported TELUS eClaims insurer from the drop-down menu only to existing insurers you want to update. If there is an insurer listed that does not need to be upgraded or is not an eClaims supported insurer leave the selection as “Do not upgrade”. Once you have assigned an eClaims supported insurer to each eligible insurer you wish to upgrade click the “Update All Selected” button. This will upgrade your selections and leave all other insurers as is.

Once you have upgraded your paper insurers to TELUS eClaims insurers, you will be able to toggle between paper submissions (through the eClaims portal) and electronic submissions (through Jane) for any claim created under any existing insurance policies. More details about this can be found in the Enabling/Disabling Electronic Submission section in this guide document.

Billing through TELUS eClaims without an appointment

Need to bill an insurer for administrative reporting, phone calls or medical equipment? We’ve got you covered!

One thing to keep in mind when billing products this way is that need to be added to an accompanying appointment. This way Jane can let TELUS know which discipline a product may fall under and pull up the corresponding billing codes.

To add a product to an existing appointment, head over to the appointment either in the Schedule tab or within the patient or client’s Profile, under the Appointments tab. From there, click blue Add Item+ text under the Billing Info section within the appointment panel.

Next, a small search bar will open up below, where you can search for the name of the product. However, if it’s been a while since the product was added and you’ve forgotten the name of it, hit the spacebar on your keyboard to populate a list of all the products you’ve created.

Once the product is added, the policy can be added to that product on the appointment by selecting +Add Policy.

From here, you can select the appropriate billing bode from the list generated. Ideally, you’d want the description to match the product that you’re billing to the insurer.

Changes to your TELUS eClaims Account

Any changes to your TELUS eClaims account, including bank, address, and staffing changes will still need to be done through the eClaims portal directly.

You can also find instructions and information about how to make these sorts of changes from TELUS’s eClaims FAQ page.

If you have a new practitioner join your clinic or if your TELUS eClaims account changes as a whole, once the appropriate registration steps and changes have been made with TELUS, you can adjust your Jane account set up by heading back to Settings > Integrations, select TELUS eClaims and “Link Provider” or “Link Location”.

Updating your TELUS eClaims Password

TELUS currently requires you to update your password every 120 days. When this is updated on TELUS’ portal, you’ll also need to make sure the password you entered for the integration is updated as well.

For clinic’s set up as an Organization:

To start, you’ll want to head over to the Settings tab then Integrations in the left sidebar menu. Next, click on the blue 1 Integration button in the TELUS eClaims section.

When you’re updating the password in this area, you’ll want to ensure you’re doing it under Locations.

And you’ll be able to update the password in this field here:

For Independent/Solo Providers:

While this change happens in a similar area under the Settings tab, Integrations on the left sidebar menu and 1 Integration within the TELUS eClaims section, you’ll want to make sure to update the password under the Providers section here:

Under the Alternate TELUS eClaims Account section, update the Password and click Update Provider at the bottom of the page

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