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Teleplan Late Submission Reason Code

If you are submitting claims beyond 90 days old Teleplan will not accept them without something called a “Late Submission Reason”.

There’s a few different ones you can work with depending on the insurer.

Here are the list of what they are and what they mean:

The Codes

W - Claim not accepted by WSBC

C - Subscriber Coverage Problem

I - ICBC Claim

A - Requested pre-approval claim in writing MSP

X - Resubmitting of previously refused or partially-paid claim

When to Use them

Generally whenever you’re sending in a claim that is over 90 days you will need a code to even get the claim through to Teleplan.

If it’s a WSBC claim, use W. If it’s an ICBC claim, use I. If it’s an MSP claim, use X.

Note - when submitting with code X, you will also need to add a “note” to accompany the claim. See more instructions below You DO NOT need to add a note for any code other than “X”.

How to add the submission code in Jane

To find these codes in Jane View/Edit the purchase:

Then find the Insurance area of the Purchase and head to the “Late Submission Code” drop down.

Choose the appropriate code:

Adding a note

If you are submitting with code X you will need to add a note. Generally something like “Administrative Error” is enough to send the claim in.

You can do that by using the “Add Document” button and choose “Note”

Then enter the text and save.

Your claim now has the late submission reason attached and should make it through to Teleplan and the appropriate insurers.

Let us know if you have any further questions and we’re always here to help!

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