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Insurer Underpayment (Adjusting Amount Paid by Insurer)

Sometimes you bill one amount to the insurer and the insurer pays you another.

This might be because the client’s coverage changed, they maxed out their plan, there was a clerical error, or one of the many other reasons that exist in the realm of insurance-land.

Whatever the reason…we’re so happy to announce that recording Underpayments in Jane is now as simple as ever.

Here is the new Insurer Underpayment workflow highlighting two new snazzy buttons (we’re still ooohing and ahhhing over them) :

Step 1: Enter in Insurer Payment

First, you’re going to want to head to Billing > Insurer Invoices, and then pick the insurer that has sent you a payment.

Click New Payment:

This will open the first New Payment screen where you can enter in the amount and method of payment.

Search or click “View All” to see all of the outstanding claims:

Step 2: Enter in the amount paid by the Insurer

And now here is where is gets really good. * Drum roll please. *

For the claims that are underpaid- simply enter in the underpaid amount and click Apply.

(For the claims that have been paid in full- nothing new has changed here. You’re going to leave in the full amount and click Apply.)

Jane will now display two snazzy options for that Underpaid Invoice.

You can either Bill the amount owing to the patient or Write Off the remaining portion.

That’s it. Told you it would be breezy ;)

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