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Pacific Blue Cross - Reversing Claims Through the PROVIDERnet Integration

Sometimes you might need to make changes to a claim sent in by accident or with errors and you can do so right from within Jane.

The first thing you will want to do is “view the submission”. Depending on your workflow you can do this from the patient’s claim (accessed via the main schedule as seen below or right from within their patient profile):

OR you can also access the submission from the “approved” area of your Jane Billing Tab.**

Once you locate the invoice/visit you’d like to reverse you can use the drop down menu at the end of the line to access the submission info.

Once you view the Submission you will have the opportunity to Reverse the Submission from a drop down menu beside the invoice number:

This is one of those things where Jane likes to give you a second chance! So you’ll get a confirmation pop up just to be sure that you want to send the money back to Pacific Blue Cross

And you’re done!

Once the claim is reversed you make any changes you need to the claim, the invoice, or the insurance. You can remove the insurance completely or make changes and re-submit the claim.

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