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Working with Claim Submissions (Paper Insurer Invoices)

Access your insured invoices from the Billing Tab:

Any invoices you’ve marked as “arrived” for an insured visit that is not being billed by Teleplan will be listed in this “Unsubmitted” area. 

You can also mark invoices as submitted from the drop down menu once you’ve printed and submitted them. 


The invoice can then be found in ”Submitted” until you receive payment and mark it as Paid. Or you can move it back into “Unsubmitted” if you need to make any changes to the invoice.

To mark it as Paid, you have two options:

1). Select Pay & Approve to quickly record the received payment.

2). Record Payment in Detail which allows you to enter/edit details of the payment, such as the Received At Date, the Payment Method, the Amount, and even a reference number. 


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