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TELUS eClaims FAQ + Troubleshooting

This guide is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions around Jane’s TELUS eClaims integration, errors and troubleshooting tips.

If you haven’t seen them already, we do have a few other dedicated guides that may come in handy on setting up your integration, submitting claims and reversing submissions.

Feel free to scroll through the different topics, or jump straight to a particular question:

General Integration Features

Submitting Claims

Errors and Troubleshooting


I’m in Ontario, can I bill to WSIB through Jane’s eClaims integration?

Because WSIB claims in Ontario are submitted through a separate system that TELUS offers, these submissions aren’t able to be managed through our TELUS eClaims integration. These submissions would need to be done outside of Jane, but you can use Jane’s Insurance Features to keep track of the submissions and payments.


Can I submit dental claims through Jane?

Jane’s eClaims integration which is an alternative to the TELUS Provider Portal is specifically for extended healthcare benefits and does not include Drug/Pharmacy or Dental Services. Dental claim submissions are facilitated by TELUS through a different system.


Where can I see a list of participating insurers?

Telus has a handy Insurer toolkit page here where you can enter your discipline and province for an up-to-date list of participating insurers.

We also have a list in our guide on Setting Up Your TELUS eClaims Integration.


Will I be able to see the submissions I make through Jane in the eClaims portal?

TELUS eClaims actually has separate systems for their portal and integration submissions. Since the two systems don’t speak to each other, the submissions you make and the responses you get in Jane won’t be visible within the portal.


When and how can I expect to get paid by the insurance companies?

Submitting your claims through Jane will not change how you are paid by the different insurance companies - you will continue to receive payments and statements from the insurers in the same way you are used to from submitting through the eClaims portal. If you would like to know more about how and when payments are issued for each participating insurer check out TELUS Health’s handy Insurer Payment Guide


Jane’s eClaims integration can accommodate just about any clinic situation - including multiple independent eClaims accounts. In this scenario, you’ll need to pick one provider’s account to link in the Location set up (doesn’t matter who!) and then set every practitioner up as an Independent Provider. For each practitioner whose account credentials were not used in the Location set up, enter in their specific username, password, and other details in the Alternate TELUS eClaims Account section. We go over this set up as part of our video on How to Set up Your Integration for Organizations & Groups of Practitioners:



You can link a different eClaims account to each Location you have created in Jane. However, each Location in Jane can only accommodate one Organization type eClaims account but any number of independent accounts (e.g. one organization account and 5 independent eClaims accounts linked to a single Jane Location). If your clinic is set up such that you use more than one Organization type account under a single location this cannot be accommodated. See Everyone at my clinic has their own independent eClaims account, can we link them all to Jane?for details about linking more than one Independent account to Jane.


How can I update the Telus eClaims password in Jane?

For clinic’s set up as an Organization:

To start, you’ll want to head over to the Settings tab > Integrations > 1 Integration on the Telus eClaims section.

When you’re updating the password in this area, you’ll want to ensure you’re doing it under Locations.

And you’ll be able to update the password here:

For Independent/Solo Providers:

While this change happens in a similar area under the Settings tab, Integrations on the left sidebar menu and 1 Integration within the Telus eClaims section, you’ll want to make sure to update the password under Providers:

Under the Alternate Telus eClaims Account section, update the Password and click Update Provider at the bottom of the page


Can you batch submit multiple claims all at one time?

Batch claim submission is not possible. Each claim must be submitted individually even if they are for the same patient.


Can I courtesy bill (submit on patient’s behalf) or select the patient as the payee through the integration?

You sure can! To do this, you’ll just need to set the Insurance Mode on the visit to Patient Pre-Pay before submitting:


From there, you can just submit the claim normally and Jane will send along the preference for the patient to be reimbursed.

Also, when you switch a purchase to Patient Pre-Pay, Jane will still generate an insurer invoice for the full amount of what was billed, but Jane will also push that full amount down to the patient so you can accept their payment at the time of service.


Will On Hold/Pended responses update in Jane automatically?

In the case that a submission comes back as On Hold or Pending, these claims won’t update automatically to a “Paid” or “Rejected” status.

When Jane gets a response, typically it will specify who can expect to be reimbursed, the clinic or the patient. If you’d like to read more about how to manage on hold and pending claims, check out our guide on that here.


How can I submit claims for assigned or supervised care through the integration (physiotherapy)?

You can set this up in Jane by adding your physiotherapy assistants, athletic therapists, kinesiologists, etc. as providers in the TELUS integration but use the supervising physiotherapist’s credentials.

When we send the submissions to TELUS/insurer we don’t send the staff member’s name as it is entered in Jane, just the credentials so this will end up being the same as you are doing in the portal already.

It is important to note if you have any multiple physiotherapists that “share” the same assistants, you would need to edit the credentials in the integration to match the correct physiotherapist’s details for the given submission since we don’t have a way to manage switching between multiple sets of credentials to accommodate that type of set up.

Also, just a friendly reminder to make sure that when you are submitting claims for these types of visits that you are adhering to your College’s specific regulations around assigned or supervised care (as I am sure you already do!) to avoid any troubles in the event of an audit.


Can you void claims in the integration, and during what timeframe?

You are able to void (or reverse) a submission through Jane only on the same day it was submitted. Read more about Reversing Submissions through the TELUS eClaims Integration in our guide.


Can the explanation of benefits forms (EOBs) be accessed forever?

The EOBs you receive will be accessible indefinitely within Jane from the submission view on any given appointment. Please note this means that if you remove a submitted claim from an appointment you will lose easy access to the EOB and will need to contact Jane Support to retrieve it. If you plan on removing a claim from a visit please make sure to save the EOB first.


Will Jane let the clinic know when the patient is out of coverage?

Jane only connects with the eClaims system when you perform an eligibility check or actually submit a claim so there are no automatic updates that will happen in that sense. If a patient’s coverage has been exhausted for the year that’ll be communicated to you in the response you receive when you submit a claim or eligibility check.


Can I still enter default coverage amounts on policies?

You do not need to enter in default coverage amounts because Jane will auto-fill the amounts when the submission is done 🙂

As well, clinics that have already been tracking their eClaims portal submissions in Jane don’t need to remove default coverage amounts when upgrading their insurers - we’ve built the integration so that when you “enable electronic submission” Jane will automatically erase those fields on the visit if they are filled out. So you can save yourself some work here and let Jane do it for you.


Can you submit secondary plans through the integration?

You should only submit to the primary insurer and have the patient submit manually to their secondary insurer. In order to correctly and accurately adjudicate secondary claims, the insurance company needs to see the details of the primary coverage adjudication and this is not something that is possible through eClaims.


Are coordination of benefits (Canada Life, Claim Secure) submission supported through Jane?

At the moment coordination of benefits (primary and secondary coverage under the same company) submissions are not supported in Jane. It is something that we will be adding down the road for the insurers that do offer this so stay tuned! In the meantime, it is best to submit these types of claims directly in the eClaims portal.


KEY204 – The policy or group number is missing, invalid, or not found.

You may get a KEY204 message in the case where the patient, certificate, or policy was not found in the insurer’s database. Double-check the policy or group numbers, as well as the member ID or certificate number from the patient’s benefits card. Also, verify that you have selected the correct “Relationship to Insured” in the insurance policy in Jane.


NL37 – the insurer does not allow electronic submissions for this policy or group.

There might be a restriction on the patient’s plan to not allow electronic submission or allow the provider to receive payment on the member’s behalf. In these cases, have the patient contact the insurer or their plan administrator directly to confirm and if possible, to remove the restriction.


NL20: VALIDAT - the Provider (Author) is invalid; not registered for TELUS eClaims or is unauthorized for the User

This error means that the provider details configured in the integration set up in Jane do not match what TELUS has on file (note that the name you will see in this error will always be whomever’s name was input for the login details you entered to link your eClaims location - it does not mean that that person’s details are being pulled in for the submission). You’ll want to log into the TELUS eClaims portal and double-check the license number you have entered in Jane’s TELUS eClaims integration settings matches what shows in the TELUS portal exactly. If you have confirmed the details match and still continue to receive this error please contact TELUS to verify and make any changes to the provider license numbers they have on file for you or reach out to our Jane support team. This error can also come up if you have entered the incorrect Provider TELUS ID number or if you have set a provider as an “Associate” when they should be “Independent”.


Error-17 – Unable to authenticate the user. Incorrect password error. OR SoapServerError Error Code: wsse:FailedAuthentication. Your password for TELUS Health eClaims is incorrect.

Despite the message of this error, it doesn’t always mean that you have entered the incorrect password. This error message can also come up if you have entered in the incorrect username. To resolve this error double check that the username you have provided is correct (it will follow the format of XX0000123456, and will not be an email address) and/or ensure that the password entered is correct and is not expired. To confirm or update your TELUS password in Jane, head to the Settings > Integrations area and select TELUS eClaims. Hit the Edit button next to any locations that are setup and you will see the password section under the username field. If you are using the same TELUS account credentials in more than one location in Jane remember to update ALL location passwords. Also, double-check that any password credentials entered in Independent Provider’s integration profiles are also updated with the new password. To do this click Edit beside the practitioner’s name and scroll down to the “Alternate TELUS eClaims Account” section, enter the new password and save your changes. If you are a solo practitioner or you entered the same independent provider credentials in the location settings of the integration, you don’t actually need to complete this section of the provider integration profile. By leaving this area blank, Jane will use the credentials at the location level for that practitioner and save you some clicks when updating your password.


ArgumentError - account recipient must be an organization or account. Got NilClass

Typically we see this error when you have answered “No” to “Is your clinic set up as an Organization?” in the Location set up of the integration which means you are an independent provider but have selected “Associate” in the Provider set up. We have also seen this error when the incorrect information has been entered in the Organization CPR ID field of the integration Location settings. To resolve this error, double-check that you have made the correct selections for your eClaims account set up. If you are an Organization select “yes” in your Location settings and all providers under that account should be set as “Associates”. If you answered “no” in the location settings all providers would need to be set as “Independent/Solo”. Also, verify that you have entered to correct credentials for Organization CPR ID if you are an organization (this number will match the numbers in your username).


NL23 - the servicing provider role is not registered for the TELUS eClaims service

You may receive this error if: (1) The practitioner’s discipline being sent to TELUS doesn’t match up with what TELUS has on file for that practitioner - We can see this for practitioners who are licensed as one type of provider but who are able to provider services that can fall under a separate discipline when you have set up a separate discipline for those services. e.g. Naturopaths who do acupuncture and have separate acupuncture and naturopathic disciplines. To resolve this error, you’ll need to edit the Category associated with the Discipline to match the practitioner’s officially licensed discipline. e.g. edit Acupuncture discipline and change “Category” to “Naturopathy” (2) You have incorrectly answered “Is your clinic set up as an Organization?” in the Location set up of the integration. To resolve this error please verify if your eClaims account is set up for an Organization or as an Independent.


NL49: New terms and conditions for eClaims must be accepted by an admin user before you can submit claims or predeterminations to the Canada Life - PSHCP insurer.

You may receive this error if there are new terms and conditions that haven’t been accepted by an admin user in the Telus portal.

To resolve this error, you’ll want to log into the Telus portal as an administrator. Next, click the Menu (the three lines) on the main page. Select Services under “Manage my business”. From here, you’ll be able to accept the new terms and conditions for both Telus and WSIB if applicable.

Once these steps are complete, you may need to remove the claim from the appointment in Jane and add a fresh one before trying to submit it again.


SOAP-ENV: Server – Internal Error

You will receive this error if bad/unexpected data was sent in the request.

e.g. If there are extra spaces either at the start or end of one of the credentials you have entered in the integration settings e.g. If you have entered a username in the Provider CPR ID field

To resolve this error, review your account credentials, correct or remove the incorrect data, save your changes and resubmit.



You will receive this error if you have entered invalid data into a field in your integration settings. e.g. If you have entered your clinic address into the “Location ID” field when setting up your Location in the integration e.g. If you have entered an email address into the provider License ID field

To resolve this error, review your account credentials, correct or remove the incorrect data, save your changes and resubmit.


NL300 - Can’t extract policy-holder last name from the request.

This error usually means that the date of birth is missing for the policyholder when the relationship to the insured has been set to anything other than “Self”. To resolve this error, edit the patient’s policy to add the insured member’s DOB, save the changes and resubmit.


What is the EC11: Missing/Invalid Subscriber Identification Number error message?

The EC11 error message is similar to a KEY204 error message, however, typically means the Telus eClaims portal is completely down or the portal is down for one specific insurer.

We recommend logging into the portal itself to submit the claim. If you are still unable to submit the claim, it would be best to contact Telus eClaims or the insurer directly. You can find their contact information here 💙


I’m having a hard time finding the credentials I need in the eClaims portal - Is there anywhere else I can find the information I need?

If you are having trouble locating the eClaims account credentials you need to enter in Jane, there are some other ways you can get the information you need. One way is to log into the eClaims portal and view a previous submission. The submission should contain all the info you need. Alternatively, you can also contact the TELUS team and request a spreadsheet of your account credentials.


How can I contact Telus eClaims?

If you need to speak with TELUS eClaims directly, you can call their phone number 1 (866) 240-7492 or visit their Contact TELUS Health page for more information.


Telus eClaims isn’t in my Integrations list — why not?

If you can’t find Telus eClaims in Settings > Integrations, there could be two reasons:

  1. You may be on Jane’s Base Plan instead of the Insurance Plan
  2. You may not be a Full Access user in the Jane account

Only a Full Access user can see and manage the Telus eClaims integration, if the Jane account is on the Insurance Plan. If you need to upgrade to the Insurance Plan, the Account Owner can do so in their Jane Subscription area.


How do I print a Telus eClaims EOB?

To print an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) once you’ve submitted a claim in Jane’s Telus eClaims integration, you’ll want to click View Explanation of Benefits in the submission page. Then you can print the EOB that opens up:

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