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Duplicate Insurers

If you’ve accidentally created the same insurer twice, you can combine them into one with our Merge Insurers feature.

Head into Settings > Insurers and click on the Merge Insurers button near the top right-hand side of the screen.

Select the two insurers you’d like to merge, and click Next.

You’ll be asked to specify which of the two insurers you want to use going forward. The other insurer will be merged into the one you decide to keep. When you’ve made your selection, click Merge.

We’ll ask you to confirm that you’d like to merge your two insurers. When you click Yes!, all of the past insurance payments, policies, and claims under the insurer you are merging will be moved into the insurance profile that you’ve decided to keep.

And that’s it! 🪄 You’ll now only see one of the two insurers listed.

If you’ve accidentally merged an insurer, head back to Settings > Insurers and click on Show Archived.

Click Edit beside the archived insurer.

And then click Save & Unarchive at the bottom of the screen.

This will bring back the insurer itself. However, the past insurance payments, policies, and claims will remain on the insurer they were merged onto — so you’ll want to be sure before merging!

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