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Duplicate Insurers

End up with a Great West Life and a Canada Life? Create the same insurer twice? While there isn’t a way to merge together insurers, we can help you get things cleaned up so that you have just one of each :)

Managing the Insurers

The first thing you’ll want to do is head into Settings > Insurers and decide which insurer you’re going to keep and which one you’ll archive. Here you can Edit the insurer that you won’t be keeping:

You can update the Name to include the words “Do Not Use” (or whatever language you’d prefer). You’ll want to enter in the insurer’s correct name into the Legal Name below to ensure that any invoices or statements printed will include the correct name:

Managing the Policies

When dealing with the policies themselves, you can close them as they come up, creating the new policies in their place, or you can do this all at once.

If you’d like to take care of everything now, you can use a report like the Insurance Policies Report filtered by insurer to see a list of the current policies under the insurer you aren’t keeping:


For each policy, you’ll head to the patient’s profile and into Billing > Insurance Policies. Here you can two things:

1) View the “Do Not Use” claim, edit, and close it:

2) Create a New Policy under your main insurer with the exact same info:

Again if you’d prefer though, you can change the policies on file as patients come in for their visits, if you’d prefer not to do this in bulk!

Archiving the Duplicate Insurer

Once you’ve paid the last outstanding claim under the “Do Not Use” insurer, you can head back to Settings > Insurers to Edit and Archive the insurer:


Feel free to get in touch with our team if you’d like to walk through this together!

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