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Writing Off Unpaid Amounts (and Reversing Them!)

You bill an invoice to insurance, only to see that they will not be covering as much as they said they would. Or maybe a patient has an outstanding balance they refuse to pay and never come back to the clinic.

You can always keep trying to collect the balance, but after a time it makes sense to write off the owed amount so you can track that you attempted to collect it and were unsuccessful. Here’s how to do this:

  • Go to the Patient tab, locate the patient and then proceed to the Billing tab.

  • Click on the blue Patient Invoice or Insurer Invoice text to open up the invoice details.

  • In the bottom-right, you’ll find a Cancel and Save button. Click the arrow to the left of this and you will find an option to write off the remaining balance.

Now, we also know that sometimes, just when you least expect it, someone will come back to pay that amount that you’ve written off. Jane allows you reverse that write-off. Locate the invoice just as you did above, click the same arrow as above, but this time you’ll see the “Reverse Write Off” option.

Write Off Report

Write offs can be reviewed by visiting the dedicated Write Off Report under the Reports Tab. The data can be filtered by location, the date the write-off took place, as well as the staff member associated with the invoice.

And just like other reports in Jane, this information can be printed, as well as exported to a spreadsheet (.csv or .xlsx) file as needed.

Additional Notes:

Are staff still compensated when an invoice is written off?

No - If the compensation report is filtered to Invoice(Accrual) then the write-off will appear in a $0 line. If the compensation report is filtered to Cash(Collected) then the invoice won’t appear on the report at all.

If you would like staff to be compensated for write-offs we’d like to recommend using a Price Adjustment. To learn more about price adjustments you can check out our guide on Discounts and Price Adjustments.

Can I backdate a write-off?

No - At the moment, the write-off date will default to the date when the action was completed. We’d love to hear more about how this feature would be helpful to you! You can add a comment to our Feature Requests page here. To learn more about this area and how to access it, check out our guide on Feature Requests 💙

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