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HSA / FSA cards

When it comes to HSA cards, these work a little bit differently than a standard post-paid credit card you would get from your bank. They’re often only designated for use with specific kinds of businesses to make sure the patient is redeeming these funds for eligible services.

HSA and FSA cards require that your business have a special classification, called an MCC, set so that the card companies know that your products and services are directly related to a patient’s medical needs. When you sign up for a Jane Payments account, we automatically set you up with MCC 8099, which is for Medical Services and Health Practitioners - this means you’re already set to accept HSA and FSA cards!

With that in mind, we can’t guarantee that a HSA card will be approved. Just like any other type of credit card, your client’s card issuer may not approve a transaction for any number of reasons: transaction size, insufficient funds, over preset limits, or the HSA card might not even be valid at a clinic with your MCC code!

Although we always want to see an approved transaction, sometimes cards will decline, even if they’ve been previously used in Jane. Jane does try to give you as much information as possible when a card is declined, but we don’t always receive the reason from your patient’s card issuing bank.

If your patient has confirmed that there’s nothing preventing their card from being processed, it would be best to have them call their card issuer for more information. They’ll be able to provide more specific context about why the card was declined, which our team just isn’t able to access.

Having trouble saving an HSA or FSA card on file? Give our friendly Jane Support Team a shout by clicking the Need Help? button in the top right of your screen.

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