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Setting Up Your Billing Settings

This guide will provide an overview of each of the Billing Settings accessible to a Full Access user under the Settings tab.


Gift Card Settings

📍 Gift Cards Enabled

If disabled, Jane’s gift card feature is hidden within the account. If enabled, gift cards can be sold to patients via their patient profile, or from the Billing Tab > Gift Cards / Certificates area. Check out our guide on Creating and Loading a Gift Card for more information on this feature.

📍 Gift Card Transfer Limit

Only applicable if the previous setting, “Gift cards Enabled”, is turned on. Sets the maximum amount of money than can be loaded onto a gift card at any one time.


General Billing Settings

📍 Tips Enabled

If disabled, Jane’s tips & gratuity features are hidden within the account. If enabled, admin staff will be presented with the option to add a tip to a client’s bill during the checkout process. This also enables a dedicated Tips Report, where any collected gratuities can be reviewed. To learn more, check out our dedicated guide on Tips & Gratuities.

📍 Accounting Method

Determines the accounting method default for financial reports in Jane. Select the Collected (Cash) option if your clinic reports revenue based on when invoices have been paid. Otherwise, select the Invoiced (Accrual) option if your clinic reports revenue based on when invoices have been billed (regardless of whether paid or not).

📍 Show last used payment method

By default, Jane will prompt you to use the same payment method a client previously used, saving you a few clicks! If you’d like for Jane to not do this, you can uncheck this option.

📍Starting Invoice Number

Jane automatically generates a number for each new invoice generated (e.g. 100-P01). If you wish to change the starting point where Jane begins numbering off these invoices, you can update this value accordingly here.

Please note that changing this setting will not renumber invoices that have already been generated. As well, if you change the starting invoice number to one that has already been claimed by an invoice, Jane will start counting from the next available number.

This feature is useful if you have transitioned to Jane from another platform, and would like to keep the invoice numbers distinct. For example, in your previous software your invoices had gone up to #2570. You’d like any new invoices in Jane to start at #3000 and onwards for easy identification.

📍Invoice Number Prefix

Enter a short prefix that will be displayed in front of invoice numbers. This applies to both patient and insurer invoices. This is not a required setting, but may be preferable if you would like your invoices to follow a particular notation style.

📍Sign Receipts

If disabled, signatures will not be applied to any financial documents. If enabled, a practitioner’s signature will be displayed on receipts and statements if one has been added under their Staff Profile > Edit/Settings > Settings > Signature area.

📍Fine Print on Invoices, Statements & Receipts

Enter a short description that you would like displayed at the bottom of various financial documents (receipts, invoices, and statements). This is a great place to enter default information for general disclaimers, e-transfers details, or how patients can find your online presence.

📍Display Prices, and Invoice Line Items, Inclusive of Tax

When disabled, Jane will display the pre-tax amounts for each line item, along with a subtotal. When enabled, Jane will instead display the after-tax amount for each line item, without a subtotal.

📍Display Taxes as Group

If you charge multiple tax types at your practice, you can choose to have the tax broken out separately on receipts, or grouped altogether.

If this setting is left blank, multiple taxes will be listed out separately on all applicable sales.

If a description is provided, Jane will group the taxes together and label the grouped taxes using the set phrase.

📍Pricing by Location

Enable to allow for variable treatment pricing across multiple locations within your Jane account. This is a handy feature so that you do not have to recreate a second version of the treatment to offer different pricing. Check out our guide on Adding a Location for more information on this feature.

📍Hide Client Information from Financial Emails

The Hide Client Information from Financial Emails preference allows clinics to choose how they would like their clients to receive emailed copies of their receipts, invoices, and other financial documents. Check out our dedicated guide for on this feature for more information.


Jane Payments Settings

The following settings become visible if you have at least one Jane Payments account set up for your clinic.

📍 Enable Add Account Credit Feature

When enabled, allows patients to add credit to their account using their credit card via the online patient portal. At this time, this feature is currently only available to clinics who (1) have a North American Jane Payments account, and (2) have indicated one of their Jane Payments accounts as a primary account. Read more about this feature in our dedicated guide: Topping Up Account Credit in the Online Patient Portal

📍 Collect Patient Credit Cards

When enabled, asks patients to add a credit card for faster checkout if they do not already have one on file. For more information on collecting patient credit card information, check out our related guide on Adding a Credit Card from the Client My Account Portal.


Global Insurance Settings

The following settings are available for all accounts that have Jane’s Insurance features enabled in their account.

📍 Set New Claim Submissions as “Unsubmitted” or “Draft”

When a new claim is generated, this setting designates which folder the claim will appear in. Choosing the “draft” option is helpful if you are working with dedicated billing staff and would like an extra layer of review or approval. For more comprehensive information, check out our dedicated Claim Submission: Draft vs. Unsubmitted guide.


US Insurance-Specific Settings

In addition to the Global Insurance Settings listed above, US-based clinics will also have the following settings available in their account.

📍 Clearinghouse — US Accounts only

If using Jane’s EDI feature to manage your claim submissions, you will want to specify the clearinghouse that you use before generating your first batch of claims. Each option is formatted differently to serve the unique needs of the clearinghouse, so this setting will optimize the EDI file accordingly and prevent rejections. To learn more about EDI Claim Submission, refer to our dedicated guide here.

📍 Clearinghouse Site ID (TriZetto) — US Accounts only

If you have selected TriZetto as your designated clearinghouse, you will also be required to enter a 4-digit TriZetto site ID number for successful EDI generation. If you are unsure of what this number is for your practice, please reach out to the TriZetto support team directly for more information.

📍 Signature on File — US Accounts only

The signature on file (SOF) setting indicates that the clinic is authorized to release medical information needed to process and/or adjudicate the insured patient’s claim. If enabled, by default Jane will set the “Signature on File” policy field (box 13 of the CMS1500) to ‘Yes’, unless otherwise indicated in a policy.

For more information on Insurance Policies and CMS1500 forms, check out our guide here.

📍 Accept Assignment — US Accounts only

The accept assignment setting indicates that the clinic agrees to accept payment under the terms of the payer’s program. If enabled, by default Jane will set the “Accept Assignment” policy field value to ‘YES’ for new insurance policies, unless otherwise indicated in the policy.

For more information on Insurance Policies and CMS1500 forms, check out our guide here.

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