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Reordering Diagnosis Codes

Well hello there,

Have you been looking for our little ditty about setting a Primary Diagnosis codes, Ordering Diagnosis codes, or were you just browsing our lovely guide? Well either way I hope you enjoy the read.

If you haven’t added a diagnosis code before here is a great place to start: Including Billing & Diagnosis Codes In Patient Charts

However if you are looking to know which one is the primary or added more than 12 and wanted to know which codes will be added to the CMS1500 or EDI, you are in the right place.

Jane will start counting from the top of the first CPT code to the bottom. Jane will skip any duplicates and then continue adding to the list.

If you’d like to change the order of the codes, click the blue double headed arrow next to the diagnosis codes.

From here you can drag and drop the diagnosis codes into the correct order.

If the insurance company or third party you are submitting too requires a primary diagnosis it is often the first code upon submission. Jane counts from the first CPT code, so the primary diagnosis will need to be in the first option.

Lastly, Jane does allow you to add more than 12 diagnosis codes to this area however only 12 are accepted on the CMS1500 and EDI file. Jane will not include further diagnosis codes when using these features.

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