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How to Bill and Manage Service Add-Ons for Online Booking

This guide will cover how to bill add-ons and multiple services for clinics currently on the Legacy Base Plan that don’t extend the visit. This is handy for billing add-on services such as a Vitamin IV drip to a Subsequent appointment or travel fees to a session for a mobile practice.

💡 This workflow is also applicable to actual product add-ons as well like a post-treatment care kit, foam roller or facial cleanser. We have a workflow for clinics on the Insurance Plan, where you can use billing codes so these add-ons all appear on a single invoice. You can check out that guide doc here: How to Bill Multiple Services on a Single Visit using Billing Codes

Let’s dive into how to set this up below 🤿

Step 1: Create Add-Ons

Our first step is to Create a Product. We’ll head to Settings on the top bar of Jane and select Products from the left menu.

In Jane, the only required fields to create a product are the Name, Price, and Income Category. You can categorize the add-on as product income or treatment income, depending on how you want staff to be compensated for the sale.

When you’re finished filling out the fields, click Create Product to finish.

With this product created, you can view and manage it under the Settings tab and scroll on the left sidebar menu to Products.

Let’s go ahead and sell our add-on.

Step 2: Bill Add-On:

Once the appointment has been Arrived you can click the arrow next to the Pay button and select Add Items from the dropdown menu.

From here you can add your additional services and adjust the quantity if needed.

📣 Jane tip: Make sure to attach the product sale to a practitioner if you want the sale to count towards their staff compensation in the compensation report.

When you’re finished, click Save.

Now you’ll see the original treatment and the additional add-ons in the billing info section of the appointment panel.

You can learn more about creating a product here.

Now that we’ve created our add-on and learned how to bill our add-on, let’s chat about making this list of add-ons visible to your clients.

Step 3: How to create Add-On Visibility for Online Booking Pages

Since we don’t have a way to sell or display products on the Online Booking Site, we need another method to let clients know about add-ons.

A great resource is to add a Notice/Message on the Online Booking Site that lists the type of add-ons available within your practice. This lets the client know to mention in their appointment notes if they would like to include this treatment. That could look something like:

From here, you can also request that your client share the intended add-on service or product they’d like to include:

To edit how that question appears to your client, head to Settings > Language > Additional Booking Information, and customize the language exactly as you’d like.

And this is how and where it will appear administratively:

Another option, in the case of your relative appointment has an Intake Form to be filled out, you can always ask in the Questionnaire section which add-on the client would like to include on the appointment.

Voila! We’ve now made it to the end of Add-Ons. This is our suggested workflow for any add-ons that may not need to be accommodated for additional timing.

We’d love to hear how you use add-ons in your practice and what would be helpful for you in Jane. We have some feature requests below that you may be interested in adding your feedback to. When you upvote a feature request, you’ll be notified of its progress.

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