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Creating a Credit Memo (Patient Credit when No Payment Received)

This guide is going over how to create a credit on an account when no payment has been received by the patient.

This is suited for things like trades, where you might be trading $100 worth of Massage services for $100 worth of website development. Or if you have a special promotion where a client wins a free treatment, you can put the cost of the treatment in as a credit memo to pay for that appointment without any cash-flow being recorded in your transaction reports.

Credit memos are not the same as creating an account credit due to a real payment. If you’re looking to create a credit because a patient is pre-paying for appointments or otherwise, please refer to our guide here: Creating a Credit from Payment

You can create a credit for a patient by going to their Patient Profile and then to their Billing tab. There is a Credit Memo tab where you can create a New Credit Memo for that patient. Credit memos will not show as income on your transaction report or affect your invoiced totals.

The balance you create here will be available for use against future invoices.

Additional Notes:

  • Will Credit Memos appear on my reports?

Great question! Since a patient payment has not been received, Credit Memos will not appear on the Transactions Report.

They will however appear on the Sales Report and the Compensation Report once its been applied to an invoice.

  • Can a Credit Memo amount be edited?

A person with any permission level can adjust or delete a credit memo from a clients profile under the Billing > Credit Memos section, as long as it hasn’t been applied to an invoice.

Once applied, only those with Full Access permissions can unapply it from the invoice. If you need to change the amount after it’s been applied, you’ll need to unapply the credit memo first, delete it, and then add a new one with the correct amount.

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