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Deleting a Credit Card from a Patient’s Profile

Sometimes you may need to remove a patient’s credit card on file. A client may reach out to the clinic to remove their saved card on file, or when a credit card has expired or been replaced.

Note: Removing a patient’s credit card administratively can only be actioned by the Account Owner, Full Access or Administrative user.

To remove the card on file, you can head to the Patient’s Profile > Billing > Credit Cards. From here you can press the View button.

An image of arrows pointing to the billing tab and view button

You can then select the Remove Credit Card button.

To finalize removing the credit card, you can hit the OK button.

To confirm that the card has been removed, you will see a Deleted badge located under the Card Type.

Patient’s can also delete a card on file. This is provided they have more than one, and is ideal if their preferred card for paying has changed.

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