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Multiple License Numbers

Practitioner with two license numbers? While there isn’t a feature dedicated to separating the license numbers between services, there are a couple of options you have to ensure that only the appropriate license number ends up on your receipts.

Billing Name

If you currently have shared treatments set up (i.e. a Subsequent Visit for all Acupuncturists), you can set up unique treatments for the practitioner with multiple license numbers. This allows you to set a Billing Name with the appropriate license number in it.

To set that up, you can head over to Settings>Treatments & Classes. Here you can either edit the existing treatments or create new ones if needed, but you’ll want to ensure that the treatments’ Billing Names include both the name of the treatment and the practitioner’s license number:

If the practitioner is opted into a shared treatment, you can then go into their Staff profile and into their Treatments & Classes tab to toggle off the shared treatments:

Once this is done, the practitioner should have treatments that include the license numbers in the names, and they will no longer be opted into any treatments shared with other practitioners in their disciplines.

Multiple Profiles

Some clinics will create two profiles for the same person, one for each discipline, so that you can the license number only one one profile. They can continue signing in through the same profile and do all of their charting there, but you would book the appointments with a different “profile” depending on the discipline. This option works best if you are not offering online booking.

❗️ Note that every unique staff profile will count against your subscription license count, and in turn the clinic can incur extra charges toward their Jane Subscription. For example, if there are two profiles for the same person, this will count as 1 to 2 licenses, depending on the number of booked hours per week on average per profile. To read more about how your Jane subscription is calculated on a per-license basis, check out this FAQ page.

Manually Removing License Numbers from Invoices

If one discipline is being booked infrequently enough, you also have the option of manually adding or removing the license number from those receipts. This can be done by clicking on the invoice from the Billing Info section of your Schedule:

If you have any questions about how to make these setups work for you and your team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team!

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