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Refunding a Patient Payment

If you’re looking to correct a payment that you collected outside of Jane, check out this document on Deleting a Payment. If you are looking to return a product or inventory item see Refunding a Product.

Here is how you can refund a payment to a client/patient that was processed through Jane:

Hop into the Patient/Client Profile and head into their Billing tab. Now you can go to their Payments, find the payment line you want to refund, and click View.

In the new window that opens, you can start by unapplying the payment from the invoice by clicking the broken chain link icon or, in the case of a pre-payment, the Remove button. This will create a Credit on their account.

Once the payment has been unapplied, a button will appear in the top-left of the screen, allowing you to Refund the credit. If you decide not to issue a refund, this credit can then be used for a future purchase.

📍 Note: you can Refund back to the original payment method, or choose a different payment method to record the refund.

This refund will now display on the corresponding practitioner’s Compensation report as well as the Transaction report for that day. Note that unapplying the payment will take the payment off of the Compensation report while processing the refund will create a negative transaction on the Transaction report.

Once a refund has been issued, it cannot be reversed. In that case, a new payment would need to be initiated.

The funds will be returned right away but may take 3-7 business days to reflect on the patient’s posted transactions. Success!

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