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How to Manage a Wallet or Bank Style Package and Membership

You might consider setting up packages or memberships within Jane that act as a wallet or bank-style option for your patients to redeem from.

Let’s explore how to set up an internal wallet or bank using Jane’s Gift Card feature. We can adapt this feature to suit your clinic’s packages or memberships, making it easy for patients and staff to redeem and manage credited dollar amounts according to your practice needs.

Creating the Bank Style Package or Membership

Head to the Patients tab in the top menu, and click the client’s name on the left-hand side. Click Billing > Gift Cards > Click + New Gift Card.

Jane will bring up a box where you can name the “Gift Card”. To make it easily findable, you may find it helpful to name it after the recipient that is using it so it’s easier to find later on. In my example below, I created a gift card with the name:

  • BotoxBank-Madison

From here, we can load the applicable dollar amount you’d like added to the bank.

Jane Tip 💡: If you notice your Giftcards have a maximum, a Full Access User or the Account Owner can update the Billing Settings by heading to Settings > Billing Settings > and updating your Gift Card Load Limit.

If you’d like a membership-like experience, you have the availability to add smaller amounts on a recurring basis. Keep in mind that with this option, you’ll need to process the payments manually on the date the membership is set to renew.

With this offer, we might consider using Intake Forms to create a Membership Terms & Agreement. More on this through our guide in Using Intake Forms for Consent.

Receiving Payment from the Bank

Now that the patient has a Bank of $2000 on their Patient Profile, let’s take a look at how receiving payment might look.

Within the Appointment Panel, you have the availability to Add a Product to their invoice. In the case that your treatment bills by-product and the patient receives a discounted price, we often see providers either Create a Product to reflect their special bank pricing or use Adjustments.

In our example below, I added 25 units of the applicable Botox Units.

From here, once we select the Pay button at the top of the Appointment Panel, Jane will confirm the amount being paid, along with the product or treatment they are paying for in Step 1: Receiving Payment.

Once we head to Step 2: Receiving Payment, we’ll have the availability to Add Payment Method and Redeem Gift Card….

After we type in the applicable Bank Gift Card, we can redeem it accordingly.

Tracking Usage

In case you’d like to track the usage of the Bank, we often see providers use the Note section of the Gift Card.

To locate this area, you can head to Patient Profile > Billing > Gift Cards > View on the applicable Gift Card and use the Note section to update when and how many units or products were used.

We’d love to hear how you use bank-style memberships or packages in your practice and what would be helpful for you in Jane. We have some Feature Requests below that you may be interested in adding your feedback to. When you upvote a feature request, you’ll be notified of its progress.

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