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Selling a Product

So you’ve added products to your inventory, and now you want to sell them. Seems like a logical sequence of events! If you’ve not yet created your products, it would be a good idea to check out this Guide Document on Creating a Product first.

There are three ways to sell a product, so let’s go over each.

Scenario 1: The patient is in for an appointment, and you would like to add the product to their appointment invoice.

Scenario 2: You want to add the product from the patient’s profile whether or not they have an appointment.

Scenario 3: A customer walked into the office and would like to purchase a product, but they don’t have an account.

Scenario 1: Adding products from the Appointment panel

When you arrive an appointment, you can click on the dropdown beside the “Pay” button and click “Add Items” button to add products for your patients (one, multiples or a whole bunch!).

Add products and multipliers. Choose to attach them to a practitioner or not.

All of the items will be on a single payment screen and included on a single receipt! cue celebratory dance

Scenario 2: Adding the product from the patient’s profile whether or not they have an appointment.

No problemo, simply head to the patient’s profile, go to the Billing tab and click New Purchase.

Start typing the product name and Jane, like your soulmate, will finish your sentence <3

Finally, you can enter the name of the Staff member selling the product (if necessary), adjust the quantity, and Receive Payment right then and there! (Or click to save it for a rainy day).

Scenario 3: New customer without an account.

If you click on the Billing Tab, and click on New Sale…you can sell a product here too (our developers really DO think of everything!)

If this is for an existing patient, you can enter their name. If this is a walk-in, click New Patient!

Now, you’re not really required to take in much information from this patient, however a profile is required in order to make the sale.

If they really do not want to share their information you could just make a fake profile. Otherwise, all you really need is the patient’s name, and an email address if they want their receipt emailed.

And then…add a staff member and multipliers if necessary and receive the payment!

Alright, go get’em tiger!

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