Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Creating a Patient Credit

To create a patient credit, you can overpay an invoice (through cash, cheque or whatever method of payment chosen to overpay) or create a payment without applying it to an invoice.

Overpaying An Invoice

In the images below, you can see that the amount owing is $100. Taking a payment of $300 will apply $100 towards the invoice, and leave a $200 credit on the patient’s account. You can do this from any screen where you would normally receive a payment.

Click Next and then enter $300 with the appropriate payment method.

Notice that Jane highlights that $200 will be applied as credit to the patient’s account.

Taking A Payment Without An Invoice

To record a payment without having an invoice to pay, go to the Patient tab, search for the patient, go to their Billing tab, and then their Payment tab. There, you will click the Receive Payment button.

In the initial payment screen, just click Next to receive the full payment as account credit.

In the next screen, click “Add Payment Method” to choose the payment method and then enter the amount to receive as credit.

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