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Applying Patient Credit to a Specific Invoice

For clinics that use multiple payment methods, applying patient credit can be tricky if you want to keep payments applied to only certain invoices.

If you pay for an invoice via Account Credit on the Payment screen, Jane will simply use up the account credit, starting with the oldest payment.

If your clinic requires you to be a stickler on which invoices are getting paid from certain payments, Jane allows you to specify this.

First, identify the payment that is generating the credit that you want to use up. Head to the patient’s Billing profile, click on the Payments section, and then click the View button for the specific payment that you’re interested in:

Next, use the search bar to locate the invoice that you’re looking for (you can search by a few fields including invoice number, staff name, treatment/product name, or amounts). Or click View All to see all the unpaid invoices for the patient.

Once you have the appropriate invoice(s) up, you can click the Apply button to apply the credit to those invoices. And poof!–your work is done.

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