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Using Intake Forms for Consent to Treat or Update Forms

Clinics often inquire about having their patients sign a “Consent to Treatment” form or complete a brief “Update Form” upon arrival. For either of these forms, we can use Jane’s Intake Forms to do the trick.

To set up your “Consent to Treat” or “Update Form” you’ll do the following:

Head to Settings > Forms & Surveys then click View Forms:

Click New Intake Form

Name your form accordingly and set it to Send Manually.

Disable all the Profile Fields to neither include nor require on your Consent or Update form (except First Name, Last Name, and Email, Jane needs those to identify the patient)

Build out your forms. 🎉

You can use the Questionnaires section or the Consents section of the Intake Form to build out your “Consent to Treat” form.

  • If you choose to build out the form in Consents, Jane will provide you with a hyperlink on the patient’s profile to access the form.

  • If you choose to build out the form in the Questionnaires section, Jane will store their response within the chart (though you will still be able to access the full form from the patient’s profile).

No matter which approach you use here, don’t forget to check off the Require Signature Setting under Consents.

For Update Forms

In the Questionnaires section, you can build out the questions you wish to ask your clients upon arrival at your clinic. This will be saved to the charts area and can be duplicated to begin your next Chart Entry in Jane by simply adding your template to the duplicated chart using the Add Entry button at the bottom of the chart and selecting your template from the drop-down list.

Have your Patients Complete your Forms ✅

When your patient arrives for their appointment, use the Fill Out feature located on the Patient Profile to allow the patient to complete the form.

Jane then allows us to complete the form as the staff member or Pass Device to Patient. You can then hand the patient a tablet or pass your laptop to them.

No need to worry either, when you choose the “Pass the Device to Patient” option, Jane will open a second browser window containing your form and your patient will be locked out of your Jane account keeping all of your other patient’s information safe and secure.

Now your patient can complete your Update form or Consent to Treat and Jane will save a copy to their profile for future reference.

Regardless of how your patients fill out the form, you can always review & view their signed consents by clicking onto the filled-out form under the patients’ Profile:

For clinics practicing in Ontario, visit our Consent for Assessment/Treatment of Sensitive Areas guide.

That should do the trick!

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