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Intake Forms: Require Signature Setting

You asked and we heard you….Jane now allows our clinics to collect patient signatures on Intake Forms!

Whether you are brand new to Jane or have been part of the Jane family for a while, you can add the Require Signature setting to your Intake Forms. Here’s how:

Add Require Signature to Your Intake Form

While logged in as a Full Access user head to Settings > Forms & Surveys Click on View Forms:

Click on the blue hyperlink name of your Intake Form or the Edit button.

Click the blue Consents hyperlink and then check the box for Require Signature.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Intake Form.

You can verify that your changes have saved in the Intake Form’s details listed under the blue hyperlink of the Intake Form’s name.

Patient Experience

What will your patient see when they fill out their Intake Form? So glad you asked!

At the bottom of the Consents area of your Intake Form, Jane will display a line with an x where the patient will be given two choices, they can either Draw or Type their signature into your Intake Form.

If they select Type, Jane will even allow them to change the style of the script. So cool!

Jane is pretty serious about enforcing your policies so if a patient forgets to sign their Intake Form, they will get a message from Jane reminding them that they have not fully completed the form.

And if they have forgotten a different required field but have signed your form, Jane will save the signature and give them a reminder to complete the required fields.

Already Completed or Pending Intake Forms

Setting the Require Signature setting will not trigger patients who have completed your Intake Forms to complete a new one. However, if you want your patients with a completed Intake Form to complete a new one with a signature, you can set the Require for New and Existing Patients as of This Date Setting in your Intake Form.

Any pending or incomplete Intake Forms will prompt the clinic to delete and use either the Fill Out or Email an Intake Form feature within the patient’s profile to complete the form with a signature.

Once the form has been completed, you’ll be able to select the form itself within the Patients’ profile to view the patient’s signature.

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