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Setting Up Sales Taxes in Jane

The first step in setting up taxes will be to create the tax rates themselves. To do this, head to Settings > Taxes and click to add a new tax.

You can add a name for your tax, and enter a rate. You’ll also need to check off which locations will use this tax.

Once created, you can edit your products and treatments to be taxable as needed. To edit a product, head to Settings > Products or Settings > Treatments & Classes and click to edit.

You can decide on the next page if the listed price includes taxes, as well as which rates should be charged.

Taxes will automatically be calculated when you set up a new purchase. If you indicate that taxes are included, Jane will do the math and let you know which portion of the purchase price represents the sales taxes.

More information on getting started with treatments and products:

Setting Up Treatments

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Jane’s Billing Summary Report(which will offer you an overview of the total taxes collected)

Jane’s Sale Report (which will offer you a more granular overview of taxes per purchase)

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