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Commission Rates by Location

Do you have multiple locations that require different commission rates? If so here is how you can set this up in Jane.

Step 1: Income Categories

First, you will want to set up specific income categories, one for each location so that you can assign the correct commission rates.

To set this up you’ll want to head to your Settings tab, scroll down to Income Categories and create a New Income Category.

You will want to create new income categories here, one specific to each of your locations.

You can then set the commission rate for the treatments offered at that location and adjust individual practitioners’ commission rates here as needed.

Step 2: Location-Specific Treatments

The next step is going to be creating your location-specific treatments.

You can set these up by heading to your Settings tab and then Treatments & Classes.

If your current treatments are set up to be offered at both locations, you will want to edit them so that they are only offered at one location.

Then, you can go ahead and create new treatments that are the same but only offered at the other location. Here is our guide on Setting Up Treatments with more info on that.

If you already offer separate treatments at each location you can skip this step and go ahead with updating the Income Category.

To do this you will want to click Edit beside your treatment

And then scroll down and update the Income Category

Don’t forget to Update Treatment

Voila! Once this is complete you are done. You will now have your commission rates set up correctly for each location.

If you would like to see the Commission Totals for your staff members check out this guide on the Compensation Report

Feel free to send us an email if you need further help setting this up!

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