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Managing your Jane subscription

Are you looking to review your past invoices and payments for your Jane Subscription? Do you need to update your credit card? Do you need to review the license count for your subscription? Wondering why your Jane account is on hold? Let’s review how to manage that!

How to find your billing history & invoices

To view and download your monthly invoices for Jane, just head over to the Settings > Jane Subscription area in your account.

From there, you’ll want to look for the Billing History tab where you will be able to download individual invoices as well as generate an overall account statement.

Pro tip: Being that the Jane Subscription tab will only be visible when logged in as the Account Owner, we understand that sometimes you may need to forward a copy of your statement for your financial reporting. This can be done by clicking the statement tab in the top right-hand corner.

All practices signed up prior to January 3rd, 2023 will continue to operate under their existing licensing model.

Once the page is loaded you will have the ability to scroll to the bottom of the page and select the PDF button on the bottom left-hand corner.

How to update your credit card

Within your account, you will always have the ability to change your credit card on file. This can be done by selecting Settings > Jane Subscription.

In your account area, you can click Update Credit Card along the top of the screen and then enter your information. You’ll need to include either a 5-digit ZIP code or a 6-digit postal code. When you’re finished, click the Update Credit Card button at the bottom and you’re all done.

Which cards are accepted for my Jane subscription payments?

When it comes to your Jane subscription, we accept the following card types:

  • Visa, Visa Debit, and Pre-paid Visa
  • Mastercard, Debit Mastercard, and Pre-paid Mastercard
  • Discover Card

Please note that we don’t currently accept American Express.

Am I able to pay my Jane Subscription by Interac e-Transfer?

A monthly Jane subscription can only be paid by credit card, we’re not able to accept payment by cheque or e-transfer. You’ll want to make sure you have a valid credit card on file for your monthly subscription, and you can update that card as needed should your payment details change.

How to update the number of licenses

The Account Owner can check their plan and license count details within their Jane account.

Let’s have a peek at where to view this, click on Settings > Jane Subscription in your account.

Once within your Account page, you will scroll to the bottom of the page and view your selected Plan and the number of licenses set for your account.

If this license count is incorrect you can contact us or edit the count directly by selecting the Change Subscription button.

Changes to your plan or license count can only be made once per day so if you need a hand with making a second change on the same day, feel free to send us an email.

Learn how licenses are calculated in the following guide: License Usage FAQ

Under the Plan you are subscribed to, click on the dropdown arrow beside the number of licenses and adjust to the number of licenses your account requires.

Ensure that you click on the Select button below the plan that you have changed and Jane will take care of the rest!

Pro tip: As a reminder, we base licenses on the number of booked hours for a practitioner per week. We consider a full license to be 24 hours per week or more, and we bill a half license for practitioners with less than 24 hours per week (e.g. a practitioner who has two booked hours per week is billed as a half license).

Breaking down your initial Jane invoice

It’s totally normal that the initial subscription payment is a little bit higher. It will include the current month’s subscription and a prorated amount for the previous month. You’ll be able to view a more detailed billing history by heading to Settings > Jane Subscription > Billing History.

Jane charges your monthly subscription balance on the first business day of each month, so this prorated amount is processed the following month rather than charging you first thing after signing up.

Updating your Jane account information

Has your business name or address changed recently? No matter which changes you need to make, you’ll be able to make those changes by heading to the Settings > Jane Subscription area of your account.

Note: the Jane Subscription tab will only be visible when logged in as the account owner profile

From there, you’ll want to click on the Contact Info tab. This is where you can update the name or enter your new business address.

Pro tip: The email address listed for the Account Owner needs to be updated in the Account Owners staff profile within your Jane account.

Why is my Jane account on hold?

Accounts get put on hold when subscription payments are missed for two or more months. Before the account gets put on hold, our subscriptions team sends out a series of emails to the listed Account Owner, notifying them of the missed payments.

If there is a missed payment, the account owner will have a banner and a pop-up within their account notifying them to update their payment information.

Here’s a peek at what the banner looks like for the listed Account Owner:

as well as what the pop-up looks like:

A hold will prevent all staff from accessing their account and profiles until payment is made in full. When payment is made, the hold is automatically lifted.

💡A friendly reminder that if the account is on hold, the online booking site is still active. This means that clients or patients can still book, cancel or reschedule their appointments.

Our team can definitely appreciate that having your account put on hold can be quite stressful to your staff as well as to your clients or patients. If you have any questions or concerns about this or would like to chat more about why your account is on hold, please feel free to reach out at [email protected]! We’d be happy to help 💙

Great job on mastering your Jane Subscription page!

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