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Sales Report

What’s the Sales Report?

Jane’s Sales report shows you a comprehensive list of sales during a specific date range. It’s helpful in identifying what you have been paid for during a specific date range and whether there are any invoices that have not yet been paid.

We recommend reviewing this report daily to ensure that you’ve charged (or invoiced) everyone appropriately for the day, and to make sure that all new charges you’ve created are entered properly.

You can find the Sales report by navigating to Reports > Sales


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Filter Options

The Sales report has several filters you can take advantage of at the top of the page! Results of the Sales report can be filtered by clinic location, staff member, income category, date range, and payment status.

Note📍: There is an additional filter that lets you sort this report by either the Purchase date or the Invoice date. For more detailed information on the difference between these dates, check out our Working with the Purchase, Invoice, Received At, and Applied Dates

Income Categories

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The Sales Report can be filtered down by income category, so you can run detailed reporting by each income group in your account! Jane creates two default income categories when you get started in your account, Treatment Income and Product Income. If you’re interested in running detailed reporting, you can create as many additional income categories as you’d like. This could be for Orthotics, Documentation, Labs, etc. If you want to get fancy, you can split up your disciplines and separate this out even more!

You can learn all about this in our handy guide: Creating Income Categories

Let’s say you would like to see a list of all Documentation income sold last month.

In the example below, I have filtered the Sales report by the date range “Last Month” and the income category “Documentation Income.”

Voila! I can now see a complete list of invoices for “Documentation” sold last month.


The Sales report is commonly used as an “End of Day” procedure, as it’s a great way to ensure that you’ve charged (or invoiced) everyone appropriately for the day. You can see if someone was charged the wrong amount, if the insurance status looks incorrect, or if there’s anything else unusual happening with any of the billings. To view additional detail when reviewing this report, select the “Details” box at the top filters, and you’ll see an additional column appear.


The Summary section of the Sales report displays:

  • Total Invoiced - The sum of all the invoice amounts generated within this period
  • Amount collected for invoices in report period - As of the end of the report period, how much money had we collected that went towards these invoices?
  • Amount collected for listed invoices as of today - As of today’s date, how much money have we collected for these invoices?

It’s actually not unusual for these numbers to be slightly different at the end of a pay period, since they each provide us with different pieces of information.

For example, in the report below for January 15th we can see that:

  • A total of $1,660.00 was invoiced
  • Only $842.50 worth of payments were collected during this same reporting period (January 15th)
  • $967.50 has been collected as of today’s date

If your patients typically settle up their invoices after completing their session, then the date the invoices were generated and the dates payments are collected will most likely end up occurring on the same day.

However, sometimes you might collect a payment in advance from a patient which is not applied to a particular appointment invoice until a later date. This would be an example of when the invoice and collected payment do not fall on the same date.

Detailed List of Invoices

For each invoice listed, Jane identifies the payer (patient or insurer) for each appointment, as well as the type of sale (treatment or product), the status of the payment (Paid or Unpaid), the subtotal, taxes and other details.

You’ll notice if you look through the line items that some of them have a bit of extra text under the Collected column and Balance column:

In the example above, Jane is letting us know for this particular line item, as of the end of the report period, this invoice was still unpaid. However, as of today’s date, it has since been paid.

💡Pro Tip: If you click on the blue invoice text, you can find additional information on the payment, and the date it was collected:

Invoice Reversals

Anytime a new invoice is created in Jane, a new line item will be created in your Sales report corresponding to that particular service date. There are occasions where we might need to make changes to an invoice— for example, adding a discount for the patient. Whenever a significant change happens to an invoice, Jane will scrap the original and create a new one in its place, which is denoted by the extension after an invoice number. For example, invoice #1531-P01 is changed, so Jane deletes this and invoice #1531-P02 takes its place.

If a change is made to an invoice on a different day than when it is created, it would be important to be able to track this change so that we can better understand how money is flowing in and out of the clinic— this is where Jane’s invoice reversals come in. Using Jane’s invoice reversals feature is optional for clinics to opt into by setting a Reconciliation Date in their Settings.

To learn more about invoice reversals and how you can start using this feature at your clinic, please have a look at the following guides:

Who can see this report?

A Full Access or Administrative / All Billing user with “Access Billing” enabled in the Permissions & Commissions section of their Staff Profile will be able to see this report in its entirety.

However, it’s also worth noting that profiles with other access levels (Practitioner (Limited), Practitioner/Front Desk, Practitioner/Front Desk (All Locations), Front Desk) with “Access Billing” enabled are also able to see this report, but it will only populate with invoice information that is associated with them. These access levels are unable to see sales associated with other staff.

You can learn more about access levels in our guide: Staff Access Levels

Sales by Staff Member

This is a comprehensive list of sales during a specific date range, grouped by staff member. The information shown is the same as the regular Sales report, but divided into separate sections for each staff member.

We hope that this is helpful! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any further questions about the Sales Report.

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