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Jane Payments Transactions, Payouts, and Monthly Processing Reports

For our Jane Payments users in North America, there are a few additional reports available to you.

In this guide, we’ll cover the data that is shown in the Jane Payments Transactions Report, Jane Payments Payouts Report, and Jane Payments Monthly Processing Report, as well as provide some tips and tricks on how to reconcile your payouts with your bank statements.

💰Want to learn more about our integrated payment processing? Hop over to the Jane Payments page on our website!

Jane Payments Transactions Report

The Jane Payments Transactions Report provides a breakdown of all of the transactions that were processed via Jane Payments within the specified date range, as well as totals for the specified date range. Here is a little bit more information on the information that is included:

  • Date: The date and time when the transaction was processed.
  • Payment Type: Indicates whether the line item reflects a processed card on file, refund, or Apple or Google Pay.
  • Client: The name of the patient whose card was processed. If a family member is set up to access a relationship’s credit card, the person whose card is on file was used will show up here.
  • Card Type: Mastercard, VISA, or Amex.
  • Last 4 Digits: Last four digits of the card on file for reference. A friendly reminder that to maintain PCI compliance and keep your clients’ credit card information safe, Jane does not store complete card number information in plain text anywhere within the platform.
  • Client Charge: The total value of the payment that was processed.
  • Jane Payments Fee: The processing fees incurred based on the amount charged. Check out this page for more information on rates in your area.
  • Amount Paid To Clinic: The amount received by the clinic after fees are deducted (Customer Charge column minus the Jane Payments Fee column).
  • Payment: The unique Jane payment number associated with this transaction in Jane. Clicking on this link will redirect you to the payment itself (see below).
  • Totals: Indicated at the bottom.

As with many other reports in Jane, you can print or export this information to a spreadsheet file, in case you’d like to pass it along to your bookkeeper or accountant.

You may notice that there is an “End of Processing Day” banner in between certain transactions. Like all payment processors, Jane Payments has a daily payment cutoff time, so we can deposit these funds in a timely manner. This cutoff time is 8:59 PM pm PST/ 11:59 PM EST. All transactions that occur on the same processing date will be included in the corresponding payout.

Heads up: Jane Payments’ cutoff time is 8:59 PM pm PST/ 11:59 PM EST.

One final note we’d like to mention is on payment refunds. A refund line item will show up on the report for the same date as the original transaction. In the example below, a Mastercard transaction of $21.00 was processed on December 4th, but refunded on December 5th.

Both of these line items will show on the report when it is run for December 4th. In other words, the refund line item will not show as a standalone line item on December 5th.

If you are looking for a report that displays refunds on the day that they occurred, we recommend checking our standard Transactions report instead.

Jane Payments Payouts Report

The Jane Payments Payouts Report provides a breakdown of all of the payouts that took place within the specified date range. Here is a little bit more information on the information that is included:

  • Date Created: The processing date that this payout corresponds to. Any payments that occurred before the cutoff period (00:00 UTC) on this date will be included. This is the field that the date filter at the top of the report bases its results on.
  • Date Deposited: The date when this payout has (or will) be deposited into your bank account. Deposits occur on a rolling basis.
  • Payout Amount: The total value of the payout after fees have been deducted. This amount should match what is deposited in your bank account.
  • Payout Status: Indicates whether this payout has already occurred (paid), is in transit (pending), or failed (such as if your bank account has been closed, and we can’t deposit funds to it).

Note: This report is currently limited to 100 line items, which is approximately 6 months at a time.

📍 Note: If you have noticed a payout has failed, we recommend that you visit the Settings > Jane Payments area of your Jane account and confirm that all of your information is up to date. A common reason for a payout failure is changes made to the linked bank account (e.g. incorrect account information, or the account has been suspended or closed, etc.) Once this is reviewed and updated, any failed payouts will automatically be re-attempted the next business day.

If you click on the blue See Transactions Link, you can review all of the individual charges and refunds that make up the final payout total. Keep in mind that these values are after fees have been deducted, so you’ll want to reference the “Amount Paid to Clinic” column of the Jane Payments Transactions Report to identify the payment.

Jane Payments Monthly Processing Report

The Jane Payments Monthly Processing Report was designed to provide a breakdown of the number of transactions and transactions processed each month in the previous year (inclusive of refunds). This is primarily for our American friends come tax time.

Since this report was designed specifically for tax purposes, only previous processing years will be available to select via the year filter drop-down.

Reconciling Payouts with Your Bank Statement

A common question we receive is about reconciling your Jane Payment payouts with a bank statement. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of how we would recommend reviewing this information.

To start, we recommend working backward from your Jane Payouts Report. In our example, we will be working with the December 1st processing day, which was deposited into our bank account on December 2nd.

The $2,195.87 amount shown under the Payout Amount column should match the exact value of the deposit received in your bank account. Unlike some other processing platforms— where you may see a positive lump sum line item for the payout and a second negative line item for any fees incurred— Jane Payments will deduct fees prior to depositing the payout into your account, so you should only see a single payout line item.

From here, if you wish to review which specific transactions are included as part of this payout, you can hop over to the Jane Payments Transactions Report for the same processing period. Here is what we have on our report.

If we just run the report for December 1st, you’ll notice that your report may be split into two sections. Any payments that occurred prior to the 8:59 PM pm PST/ 11:59 PM EST cutoff time on that day will be grouped together into a single payout (the bottom section). All other payments that occurred afterward will be grouped in the following day’s payout.

With that in mind, there may also be payouts from the previous date (Nov 30) after the cutoff grouped with the December 1st payout — don’t forget to take those into consideration as well.

Running the report for November 30 - December 1st, we now have a complete picture of all of the transactions involved in this payout. You can add up all of the values in the “Amount Paid to Clinic” column (fees are already subtracted) during this processing period and should arrive at the same number as the payout you received.

If you want to double-check that all of the line items on the Jane Payments Transactions Report were included in the payout, you can also reference the See Transactions section of the Jane Payments Payouts report for confirmation.

Does Jane Payments Deduct Commission from payouts?

No - while Jane Payments will deduct the transaction fee, the commission rate assigned to the staff member and their income categories will not be deducted. The staff member would be paid the full amount of the paid invoice to their bank account.

With that said, you can consider using a clinic-wide Jane Payments account alongside the Compensation Report to help determine the amount that is owed to the staff member.

If you have any questions about the information shown in your reports, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to guide you in the right direction!

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