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The Practitioner Dashboard for Clinic Owners

As a clinic owner, you may be interested in learning more about certain statistics surrounding one of your staff members to ensure that you can help set them up for success!

You may also want to have control over which type of metrics your practitioners have access to.

This guide will demonstrate how a Full Access user can view the Practitioner Dashboard of another staff member, as well as how to edit the Dashboard Permissions of your staff members.

Setting Staff Member Dashboard Permissions

Only Full Access users can edit the Dashboard Permissions of other staff members under Settings > Dashboard Permissions:

You will be able to choose from the following three available permission options for each staff member:

1) Disabled

Providing a staff member with this setting will disable their ability from accessing the dashboard when viewing the Day Sheet (the toggle will not be available) while logged into their account.

If you are interested in learning more about charting from the Day Sheet, check out our handy video on the Practitioner’s Home Base: Day Sheets & Charts

2) Enabled

A staff member with the dashboard enabled will be able to toggle on and off the practitioner dashboard display from their Day Sheet while logged into their account. This staff member will have access to all of the available non-financial metrics.

3) Enabled with Financial Metrics

This setting is similar to the Enabled option, but it also includes the ability to view financial metrics in addition to the standard dashboard metrics.

At this time, these financial metrics include:

  • Total amount billed (invoiced)
  • Total amount collected (applied to invoices)
  • Top patients based on amounts invoiced during a 365 period

Some clinics might prefer that their staff members are not privy to this type of information, as their providers are compensated using a different sort of commission rate that is independent of the income brought into the clinic for their sessions.

For a detailed breakdown of all of the different metrics available in the dashboard, check out our other guide: Practitioner Dashboard, Explained.

Oh, and while you are modifying dashboard permission levels for your staff members, there is no need to save your changes. Jane will go ahead and automatically save the preferences for you.

Viewing a Staff Member’s Dashboard

Only Full Access users with Dashboard Permissions enabled can view the practitioner dashboard of another staff member, even if that other staff member doesn’t have Dashboard Permissions themselves. You can access a provider’s dashboard by visiting their Staff Profile, then clicking View Day Sheet / Dashboard button.

The information that is visible on the practitioner’s dashboard will depend on the permission level that has been set for your own Full Access staff profile. In other words, if your own profile’s Dashboard Permissions are set to Enabled but not Enabled with Financial Metrics, the dashboards of other practitioners will not include financial information.

A Full Access user with Dashboard Permissions set to disabled will not be able to see their own dashboard nor anyone else’s dashboard. However, keep in mind that a Full Access user would have access to the Reports tab where they can find the same information about other practitioners.

Have a question about a particular metric on the dashboard? Feel free to reach out to us by email at [email protected], or by phone at +1 844-310-5263 (Mondays through Fridays, 6am to 5pm PST).

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