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Lesson 4: Charting Privacy & Changes

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💡Jane Tip: We recommend heading over to Jane’s Demo Clinic to practice as you learn! If you’re a current Jane user, you can find the login information by clicking the Need Help? Button in your account. This password is updated every Monday.

If you haven’t signed up with Jane just yet, you can find the login password by heading to the Jane Community Group on Facebook and clicking the Featured tab. You can also request the password by emailing [email protected].

We always recommend using the demo clinic for testing and practice so that your own account stays nice and tidy. ✨

Lesson 4: Charting Privacy & Changes

There’s a few scenarios that pop up where a chart needs some attention. Jane has a few ways to work with your chart entries, while also remaining compliant with general charting regulations. These regulations typically require original entries to remain legible and all changes to a signed chart to be documented and dated.

Deleting, Moving or Changing a Chart

The guide linked for you below covers how you can delete a chart entry made in error, how to change the patient should you create a chart entry under the wrong profile, as well as how to make an amendment should you need to make a correction to an already signed chart.

Click this chart here to Learn about deleting, moving or changing a chart

Charting Privacy Settings

Sharing chart notes can be something that varies from practice to practice. There’s a number of settings in Jane that you can work with to ensure your notes are shared with the appropriate people.

You can set the default chart privacy level on a staff-by-staff basis. This area can be found under the Staff tab, and inside your own staff profile by clicking Edit/Settings > Settings.

The options you’ll be able to work with include:

  • All Staff
  • All Staff in my Discipline
  • My Eyes Only

Once you’ve decided on the basic level of access, you can also add on individuals with whom you’d like to also share chart notes. Under the “Share all my charts with:” section, you’ll be able to start typing in the name of the person you want to share with:

Once you have selected staff members to share with, they appear in a list (with a simple trash can next to their name if you ever wish to stop sharing your charts with them).

In the example below, chart notes authored by this practitioner will be seen by themselves - plus Vincent, Frank and Amy.

This is such a handy feature if you have admin staff who need access to your notes (so they can produce medical record requests for example) you can add them on with the “share all my charts with” option.

This is also a good way to share charts with a Locum practitioner who would need to see all of your entries. You can add or revoke access here as necessary.

Chart Notes can also be individually set to different levels of access using the general rules. Within the chart itself, look for the “Viewable by…” box:

Use the drop-down menu to alter the group with whom the chart is shared.

We recommend selecting the level of access to charts when the staff profile is first created. This is because this change will not be retroactive if changed to a different level of access after charts have already been created. The good news is that Jane did develop a way for you to change your chart privacy access levels in bulk.

Jump to “Update Existing Charts” within this guide document to learn how, and feel free to give it a go in the Demo Clinic.

Please note that you are not able to share individual entries with specific practitioners here, but only change the sharing setting.

Privacy Mode

Jane offers a few quick and easy features to keep your patient’s information confidential when working in areas where your screen might be visible to others. Using Privacy Mode, Jane will hide client names in your schedule, while charting, and in your patient list by blurring them out.

The fastest way to enter this mode (for when that patient walks around behind the desk!) is to use Shift + P on your keyboard to make the switch.

Here’s how it looks when enabled:

Learn more about patient privacy features here: How to enable and use Privacy features

Practice Drill 🏈

Time to test out Privacy mode!


  • Hop over to view the Schedule at the Jane Demo Clinic.
  • Use Shift + P on your keyboard to enter Privacy mode.
  • Explore the Schedule!
  • To finish, find the drop-down menu at the top right of your screen under the login name, and select Disable Privacy.

Touchdown! 📣

Mic drop! Another lesson complete. Ready to keep going? Let’s head over to Lesson 5

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