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Day End Procedures

There are a few standard practices that are helpful to do to reconcile your end of day.

Transaction Report

This report will ensure that you have entered all payments correctly into Jane. This is what people often call the “Cash Out” report, and when reconciled daily, you will reduce problems down the road. I like to run this report at midday for staff change over so that the morning front desk can confirm that their numbers make sense and then again at the end of the day for the entire day.

This report will show you the transaction method, the number of transactions, and the dollar amount you should have.

On this report you will see all payments made on this day, regardless of the date of the invoice or if the payment was applied to anything. So for example, you’ll find payments here made to pay an appointment from 3 weeks ago, a payment that was placed as a credit on someone’s account, a payment paying for a same-day purchase etc. Absolutely any money that came into your clinic on the reporting period you select will show up on this report.

Most people will compare these numbers to their payment processing terminal and their cash and cheques on hand.

Note that Jane Payments and Payfirma integration payments don’t need to reconcile against anything as there is no way to have entered the information incorrectly.

You cannot filter the transaction report by Practitioner because when a payment is taken, it is not attached to a practitioner in Jane. The payment does not belong to a practitioner until it is applied to an invoice - so, for example, a payment that creates a credit does not belong to anyone yet. If you want to see amounts applied to a practitioner for a specific time period (so what a practitioner had paid during a day, for example) you can use the Compensation Report.

Daily Transaction Report

The Daily Transactions Report is a summarized version of the standard Transactions Report that will provide the collected totals— separated by payment method by date— for the selected period. This report also includes the total number of transactions for that date. These numbers will match the values shown on the standard Transactions Report.

The exported version of this report has been formatted to be compatible with the import requirements of third-party accounting platforms (like Quickbooks or Xero). For each day, the totals for each payment method will be listed as a positive value. For Jane Payments users, any processing fees incurred will be documented as a negative line item on the report.

Client names have been intentionally left of out this report so that this data can be easily shared with your bookkeeper or accountant meanwhile respecting patient confidentiality.

Sales by Staff Member

The second report to review - and again, I do this both at change over and at the end of the day - is the sales by staff member. This report will ensure that you’ve charged (or invoiced) everyone appropriately for the day. It’s a really handy check to make sure that all new charges you’ve created are entered properly.

You can see if someone was charged the wrong amount, if the insurance status looks incorrect or if there’s anything else unusual happening with any of the billings.

This report will only show invoices created for the reporting period you choose (in this case one day). If payments were taken on invoices created before or after this date range the invoices will not show up here. Again, that can be seen on the compensation report or the transaction report.

Unscheduled Patients Report

This is the unsung hero of the reporting suite and well worth a review at the end of the day. The unscheduled patient report will show you all clients from the day (or week, or whatever period for which you run the report) who have not yet booked back in for a future appointment.

You can create a return visit reminder right from the report to remind the client to book back in as per their prescribed treatment plan and they will be linked right to the appropriate practitioner’s online booking.

Learn more about Return Visit Reminders here.

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