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Product Performance Report

What’s the Product Performance Report?

The Product Performance report can be used to pull a few different pieces of information. The report can be filtered by date range to see the number of appointments/sessions completed or products that have been sold over a specific date range. This report is also a nice complement to the Compensation report if you’re paying on profit of inventory sales instead of a set percentage.

You can find this report by heading to Reports > Product Performance

What’s included in the Product Performance Report?


Select a date range for the report and then choose to filter down by practitioner, by All Purchases, Products only, or Appointments only.

It’s important to note that the Product Performance report is Accrual (invoice) based. This means the report includes all purchases that have been invoiced, and does not consider if the invoices have been paid or not.

Appointments Only

You can filter this report by a particular date range and by exclusively Appointments to see how many sessions have been completed within the date period.

You can also export this report to a spreadsheet file if you want to work with the data a little bit closer. For example, you can export it and filter it by appointment type.

Products Only

You can filter this report by a particular date range, and by exclusively Products to see the number of sales as well as the profit, where profit is equal to the total invoiced value minus the cost.

The cost column only looks at the current cost of the product. If a product cost has changed then it will use the most recent value for the cost of the product.

You can set the sales price and cost of an inventory item when you create the product.

Export or Print

The Product Performance Report can be printed or exported to excel for further manipulation!

And just in case it comes in handy, here’s our guide document on Working with Excel Exports for your reference.

Product Performance Example Scenario 📚

Deb at the Demo Clinic would like to know how many Clinical Pilates students arrived to class with Jo-Ellen last month.

Using the Product Performance report, Deb filters by the practitioner Jo-Ellen, Appointments only, and the date range Last Month.

Here’s a snapshot of what the Product Performance report would look like:

Deb can see that 40 students arrived to Clinical Pilates with Jo-Ellen last month. She can also see that 4 students were marked as a no-show.

Deb would like to see which particular patients make up the “# Sales” column. To see this information, Deb can turn to the Sales Report filtered for the same date range. This will include a detailed breakdown of which particular clients came in for the sessions.

If you have other questions about using this or any of the other reports in Jane please let us know!

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