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Billing Reports

Number-loving people, it’s time to celebrate.

All of your clinic’s billing and sales data are detailed in Jane’s Billing reports. The various Billing reports are particularly useful for tracking cash flow, showing taxes invoiced or collected, reconciling your daily POS cash-out and calculating your clinic’s payroll.

Billing Summary Report

This report is a basic overview of your clinic’s billing activity. It can be useful for tracking who is paying you (we like these people!), and particularly helpful with tracking taxes invoiced and/or collected. The Billing Summary will also provide you with a record of your transactions. Users can run this report for any time period, and filter the results by any staff member.

There are five main sections in the Billing Summary report: Sales by Location, Sales Breakdown, Income, Tax, and Transactions.

Sales by Location shows the amounts invoiced and collected by each location of your clinic.

Sales Breakdown compares the amounts invoiced and collected for treatments and products.

Income lists all your income sources (patients and various insurers) and provides the total amounts invoiced and collected for each one.

Tax shows the total amounts invoiced and collected for all kinds of tax.

Transactions gives you the total collected for every different payment method.

Sales Report

The Sales Report is a comprehensive list of sales during a specific date range. The report identifies the payer (patient or insurer) for each appointment, as well as the type of sale (treatment or product), the status of the payment, the subtotal, taxes and other details.

The billing history of a patient can be accessed by clicking on their name (in blue).

Individual invoices for each transaction can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink for each one.

The results of the Sales report can be filtered by clinic location, practitioner, date range, purchase type and payment status.

Sales by Staff Member

This is a simple report showing all sales during a specific date range, grouped by staff member. The information shown is the same as the regular Sales report, but divided into separate sections for each staff member.

Accounts Receivable Report

This report lists all patients and insurers with money owing, as well as patients to whom the clinic owes money. The table lists the name of the patient or insurer, the total amount owing and a breakdown of amounts owing over time. Results can be filtered by clinic location and staff member.

To see the entire billing history of a patient or insurer, click on their name in the table.

Here’s our guide on the Accounts Receivable Report that goes into more detail on how this report works.

Compensation Report

The Compensation Report can be useful for calculating your clinic’s payroll. It lists what was collected or invoiced by each practitioner during a specific time period, and shows you how much the practitioner collected, any adjustments that were applied and any processing fees that should be deducted (if applicable to your clinic).

When you first open the Compensation report, Jane shows you an overview for each practitioner. To see a thorough breakdown of visits and payments for each practitioner, click on the practitioner’s name (highlighted in blue).

Many clinics will print out these detailed Compensation reports, and provide them to staff along with their paycheques.

Transactions or “Cash out” Report

Jane’s Transaction Report is commonly used as a “cash out” report, for reconciling a clinic’s POS machine, cash and cheques at the end of the day. The report shows what was collected during any given period of time, listing details of each transaction, organized by payment method.

Included in the report is a brief summary of transactions by payment method, as well as a detailed table for each payment method, showing every transaction within the selected time frame. Each table shows the time stamp of the transaction, the name of the payer, the invoice number and the dollar amount for each transaction.

The report will show all payments received during the selected date range, regardless of the date of the invoice.

When running the Transaction report for a single day:

  • If someone pays for an appointment they had two weeks ago, the payment will appear on this report.
  • If someone had an appointment today but didn’t pay for it, nothing for that patient will show up on this report.
  • You can run the report for a longer period (say a month) if you want to provide numbers for a bookkeeper of deposits to your account.

Adjustments Report

This report details all the adjustments that have been applied within the selected date range. A broad summary of adjustments is provided, as well as specific breakdowns of adjustments applied at each clinic location, and by each practitioner.

Product Performance Report

The Product Performance Report lists all products and treatments sold within the selected date range, including the number sold and the sales total for each item. The report includes a clinic-wide summary, as well as breakdowns for each clinic location.

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