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Insurance Policy Report

What’s the Insurance Policies Report?

The Insurance Policies report is used to pull up all insurance policies used in the practice, filterable by insurer & staff member that saw a patient via a specific insurer.

You can also use this report to pull up a list of patients under a particular insurer, and see any notes or policy maximums that would have been set on file.

You can find this report under Reports > Insurance Policies:

What’s included in the Insurance Policies Report?

The report includes:

  • The patient name
  • The insurer(s) they have on file
  • Any internal names that may be attached to the policy
  • The patients’ subscriber/member ID number
  • Their policy number
  • State of the insurance policy (if it’s an Open or Closed policy)
  • Any policy End Dates
  • Any adjusters (if relevant)
  • Any additional notes attached to the policy
  • If set, the number of treatments & policy maximums left on the policy.

The information displayed can be filtered on a per insurer or per staff member basis.

💡 Jane Tip: Any blue text is clickable in Jane. Clicking on the patient name will bring you directly to the patients’ profile for any further investigations.

While there are a lot of details that populate in the Insurance Policies report, you’re also able to export this report to Excel or CSV to get more fields. In this case, you’ll also get the Adjuster Email & Phone Number if entered in the insurance policy when exported to Excel or CSV.

If you’d like to investigate any outstanding amounts seen on a per-insurer basis, check out the Accounts Receivable Report to be able to do a deep dive on those outstanding amounts.

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