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How to generate a list of Birthdays in Jane

Birthday wishes from a clinic are a heartwarming way to show patients you care and are a thoughtful gesture that’ll make their day extra special. If you’re looking to generate a list of patient’s birthdays, you’re in the right place!

While there isn’t a specific report for birthdays in Jane at the moment, or a way to automatically track patient birthdays, you can use the Patient List report. This report lists all the demographics of your patients, including their date of birth.

To access this report, a Full Access user can head over to the Reports tab and then select Patient List from the left sidebar menu.

There are a couple of handy filters that can help narrow down the information. The data in this report can be narrowed down by staff member, active/inactive patients, when their profile was created and by their last appointment date.

Once you’re all set with the list, you can export this report to Excel by clicking on the three horizontal black dots in the top right corner.

Lastly, if you would like only the birth dates on the spreadsheet and no other pieces of demographic information, you can remove those columns. Check out our guide on Exporting Reports and Customizing them in Excel that has some handy tips and tricks on customizing spreadsheets in Excel.

If you’re looking to have an automated email sent out for birthdays, see our How to Send an Automated Birthday Email that has more detailed information.

As always, we’re here for you if you have any additional questions 💙

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