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How to Send an Automated Birthday Email

So you want to remind your lovely clients to remember to indulge in some self-care on their birthday?

To do this, you’ll need to take advantage of Jane’s Mailchimp integration, which allows you to pass information to Mailchimp on patients who have consented to receive promotional materials from you. If you haven’t already set that up, it would be a good idea to check out this Guide doc on setting up Mailchimp.

With your Mailchimp integration, you can send up an automated email to go out to patients on their birthday, or before or after their birthday–whatever you prefer.

Now, for all your detailed questions on Mailchimp, you’ll need to chat with them or check out their website. But we did a little setup below so you could see how easy it is.

Okay, so let’s head on over to your Mailchimp account and click on Campaigns > New Campaign

Click Email

Then click Automated > Say “Happy Birthday”

Then you can give your campaign a name, and select your Patient Email list (the one you have your patients feeding in to from Jane.)

Now Mailchimp will pre-populate three automations: One for the Day before, one for the day of, and one for the day after.

Of course using all three would be overkill, but they’ve done all the legwork, so that’s really nice :)

You just need to delete the ones that you don’t want. You can also edit the timeframe, too, if you wanted to change it to a week before or something. The world is your oyster.

Once you’re ready to go– hit Design Email!

Now you get to design the email that you want going out to your party people.

Need a little help designing your email? We’ll leave that to the pros at Mailchimp. Check out this Guide doc from Mailchimp on Designing an Email.

With that email designed, Mailchimp will take care of emailing your best birthday wishes to all your clients. Nothing else is required from you!