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Accounts Receivable Report

What’s the Accounts Receivable Report?

The Accounts Receivable or AR report lists all patients and insurers with money owing.

You can find this report by heading to Reports > Accounts Receivable

What’s included in the Accounts Receivable Report?

The report table lists the name of the patient or insurer, the total amount owing, and a breakdown of amounts owing over time. Results can be filtered by clinic location, staff member, account type (patient or insurance), and date. You can also sort this alphabetically by account name, amount owing, or how long the amount has been owing for. Just click on the heading that you want to sort by.

When working with the Date filter, the way that Jane’s A/R report works is that if you view a date in the past, Jane will show you all of the outstanding balances as of that date (not today’s current date).

To see the outstanding invoices for a patient or an insurer, click on their name in the table.

This will bring you to their billing page that will be pre-filtered to show you only outstanding invoices that are contributing to their balance. If you’d like to see their entire billing history, you can do so by filtering the status to All.

📍 Note: A friendly reminder that the A/R report displays outstanding invoice amounts, and a patient’s account credit is not factored into the totals displayed on the A/R Report. In other words, if a patient has an outstanding invoice of $100 but an account credit of $20, the A/R report will only display the outstanding amounts ($100). We recommend that you also work alongside the Credit Report to review a list of all existing account credit for both patients and third-party insurers.

💡 Pro Tip: The Pay Balance email is super handy for collecting unpaid account balances. You can ask clients to pay their balance by heading over to their Profile in the Patient’s tab (or link directly there from the Accounts Receivable Report). Click on the “Pay Balance” button to start.

Learn more in this guide: Paying Balances Online

Historically Accurate A/R

Invoice reversals are new to Jane and have been added to help keep track of historically accurate A/R and make your life a little bit easier when attempting to reconcile your books.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is our guide on Understanding Invoice Reversals

You’ll be able to enable invoice reversals in your account by setting a Reconciliation Date under your Settings > Reconciliation Date area of Jane.

Having trouble reconciling your A/R between months? There’s a guide for that as well that dives deeper into how Jane calculates A/R and what formula to use to arrive at an accurate calculation: Reconciling your Accounts Receivable (A/R) Between Periods

Load a Fresh Copy

If you have already run the A/R report earlier in the day and are now returning to view the updates, you may have to refresh the report to ensure Jane is displaying the most up-to-date information.

To refresh a report, click the blue Load a Fresh Copy text at the top of the report.

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