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Not Accepting New Patients - Return Clients Only

I think it’s because it’s the end of the year, and people are experiencing the end-of-year benefits rush, but the question about restricting booking for return clients only is one that has been coming up over and over this week!

So here’s some information on how to work with limiting new clients.

Pro Tip: If you are a solo practitioner or a group practice, and you just don’t want your online booking to be publicly displayed in any way (so you only want approved or returning clients to be able to access your online booking). You have a bit of a different option. Check out this help document on Approved Online Booking Only.

If, however, you want to leave your main Jane booking page visible for online booking, but want to restrict new patients either completely or just from one or two practitioners, here’s some tips to help with that workflow.

Educate with a Banner

We love Jane’s Online Booking Banner. It is customizable and can be formatted using Markdown.

Reminder: Markdown is a super simple text formatting language that lets you use a few simple keystrokes to decide how you want your written text to look from within the Languages area of Jane.

The Banner is handy for educating your clients on temporary or consistent important information. You can add some information here about who is or is not accepting new clients.

The text for that can be found in the Settings > Languages area of Jane, and it’s called the “Notice/Message on Online Booking Pages.”

Learn more about other ways you can customize your Jane account by clicking here.

Treatment Options

When you create your treatments, every practitioner can offer their own set of unique treatments and/or they can be part of a shared treatment list for their discipline.

One way that we’ve seen people help educate clients is by offering treatments for a practitioner who is not accepting new clients as “Returning Clients Only - Subsequent Treatment” or something of that nature. They can ensure that the Billing Name is still appropriately defined for receipts so that insurance reimbursement is not an issue.

You can also add some information to the Staff Profile under the practitioner’s name, as you see here:

In this scenario, Jo-Ellen has her own My Treatment that is labelled as Return Clients Only, and she no longer offers the shared treatments of the other staff.

It’s important to note that if the treatments are not shared, they do not display in the “book by treatment” area. So for Jo-Ellen here to only offer a “My Treatment,” she will not show up in the book by treatment list:

Alternatively Jo-Ellen could just opt out of the Intial Treatment and remain as part of the Subsequent Treatment pool.

If you want to learn more about how treatments can be set up in Jane click here.

Limit what is available online

The other way to limit clients from booking with a practitioner is to change their accessibility completely online. This could be a drastic move, such as removing that practitioner completely from online booking. Or you could change their treatments or shifts to “contact to book,” which would prompt clients to call or email for an appointment.

We’ve seen practices set the “Initial” or “Assessment” visit as contact to book and then allow subsequent treatments to be booked online.

For more information about deciding what to offer online check out this guide document.

If your particular setup or scenario hasn’t been answered here, feel free to get in touch, and let us know how things work for your practice. We’ll help you figure out the best way to configure your Jane account!

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