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Setting up Jane's 1:1 Online Appointments

👥 If you’re looking to set up Group Online Appointments, where up to 12 related clients can join the same call, check out our guide here.

In our digital age, many practices are moving towards integrating a virtual component to complement their existing in-person services for their clients. With Jane’s 1:1 Online Appointments, clinics can continue to provide both quality and personalized service of care, even if both parties are unable to be physically present together.

💡A friendly reminder to check in with your college or regulatory body to confirm whether there are any restrictions surrounding which parties are eligible to participate and receive online services.

This guide will go over the process of setting up a new 1:1 Online Appointment session type in your account. Once you are done, you may also want to check out the other two 1:2 Online Appointment companion guides as well:

Setting Up a New Telehealth Session

💡Jane’s 1:1 Online Appointments feature is HIPAA compliant! Each online appointment is encrypted, anonymous, and never recorded or stored.

Creating a new 1:1 Online Appointment session is actually very similar to what you might be used to when setting up a new standard session type. First, a full-access user can head over to the Settings > Sessions & Classes area of their account and create a New Session.

From here, select “Online Appointment” from the third dropdown menu to indicate that this will be a session held remotely via a video session.

You can then proceed to fill out the remaining session details (name, price, duration, etc.) from this same page. If you’d like a quick refresher on how to set up the rest of the session, our guide on Setting Up Sessions provides additional explanations for each section.

Note: You’ll want to pay a bit of special attention when selecting which location this session will be offered at. Your selection will determine which locations this session will be available to book.

When you’re happy with the way your session is coming together, you can go ahead and click the Save button to finalize your changes.

If you would like these sessions to be bookable online by your clients, you will want to make sure that the Display in Online Booking button has been checked at the bottom of the session settings.

As well, you’ll also want to ensure that your clinic-wide Online Booking Policy has been set to “allowed”, which can be found and modified by a full-access user under Settings > Online Booking.

If you’re using Jane Payments, you can also set an Online Booking Payment Policy. This allows you to charge for a session in full, take a deposit, or just collect credit card information when your clients book online. Your clients can also add a credit card from their patient profile after they’ve booked online, or any other time, through their client portal.

Want to learn more about working with the online booking site? Here are our guides on Online Booking Permissions and Setting Up Online Booking Like a Boss.

To help ensure your clients are attending their online appointments, you can send them email reminders with a link to the video session. Here’s a quick guide on how you can setup email reminders for the clinic.

On Security

All calls are GDPR, HIPAA, and PIPEDA compliant. To learn more, check out our Online Appointments and Privacy Laws guide.

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