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Booking Multiple Appointments: Client Experience

In this guide, we’ll walk through how your clients can book multiple appointments in Jane. This can come in handy for booking future visits, booking multiple treatments back-to-back, or even booking a treatment add-on.

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Booking Multiple Appointments

Client Portal

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Booking Multiple Appointments (Client Experience)

From the Online Booking Page, clients will start by selecting the first treatment they want to book.

Once the first treatment has been booked, the client can select the Book More button within the Thanks for Booking prompt.

Jane will bring the client back to the Online Booking Page and will highlight the original using your Online Bookings page’s accent colour.

Tip: Find more information on this in Branding your Online Booking Page!

Next, the client can select the secondary treatment they’re looking to add. This could either be for a future booking or an additional treatment taking place on the same day.

The client can then choose their time slot for their next appointment.

They can select I’m Done to confirm.

Client Portal

This will bring the client to the final Thank You for Booking Page within the Client Portal which will list all of their upcoming appointments.

Interested in customizing your Online Booking Page? Head to Online Booking: Choose What is Offered.

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We’re curious to know how you manage booking multiple appointments or treatment combinations in your practice. And if there’s anything you think Jane could do to make things easier for you, we’d love to hear from you! We have some feature requests below that you may be interested in adding your feedback to. When you upvote a feature request, we’ll keep you notified of any updates on its status.

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