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Adding "Book Online" Buttons to Your Website

For a quick and easy way to link patients to your clinic’s online booking site, Jane provides a number of different “embed codes.” These snippets of code can be copied and pasted into any HTML page, including your clinic’s website, a blog post, or even your LinkedIn profile. The buttons look like this:

Note: In order to access Jane’s embed codes you must be logged in having Full Access.

Here’s how to access the HTML embed codes:

  • Click on “Settings”. If you don’t see “Settings” as an option, you are not logged in with sufficient permission.

  • From Settings, select “Branding” from the sidebar on the left.

  • Scroll down to the section called “Book Online Buttons.” You will see a number of embed codes which look like this:

  • Jane provides embed codes for several different kinds of Book Online buttons, including a button for your clinic’s main booking page and a separate button for each practitioner. If your clinic has multiple locations, you will also see separate embed codes for each location, and each practitioner will have a different code for each location.

Not all website platforms support HTML (some popular website builders that fall into this category are Wix and Squarespace) but these website builders will often have their own Add Button type options. You add a button and specify the text that appears, and then add the URL you’d like that button to link to.

In this situation you would ignore the HTML code and use the plain URL link on the lower-right side:

Just choose the section you’d like the link to and copy the URL onto your websites button option.

Now you have all of your clinic’s “Book Online” buttons ready to be added to your website. Use them often!

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