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Adding a Billing Address for Locations

If you’re setting up a location on your account, you might be wondering how billing addresses work.

Before we dive into this feature, you can check out our guide on Adding a Location for more information on setting up a location.

What is a Billing Address?

So glad you asked 😉. This is the address that appears on all financial documents sent to your clients, such as invoices, receipts, and patient statements.

If the address you want on financial documents differs from the location entered in the Location Address & Map field (located above the Billing Information field), simply uncheck “Use my location address for billing.” This action will reveal new fields where you can enter an alternate address.

image of the billing information panel when setting up a location

What if I want to hide an address on financial documents?

There are a few reasons why you might want to keep a physical location off of financial documents. For instance, if you’re seeing clients online, you may want to specify a different billing location (or no location at all!).

To hide your address on invoices, receipts, and statements, scroll down to the Billing Information section.

After unchecking “Use your location address as the billing address,” you can enter details like “Virtual Practice” for the address along with City, Province, Country and Postal/Zip Code (these are the only required fields).

Note: Jane will suggest addresses for you to select from, but you can click outside the box without choosing one.

Here’s a preview of what it might look like:

This ensures Jane doesn’t display your location address on your financial documents. Once you’re happy with your changes, simply click Save to finish up!

For more information on How to Hide Your Location From Your Online Booking Site, this guide might be helpful.

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