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What to Do if Your Laptop/Phone is Lost or Stolen

Oh, no! Your device has just been stolen. What should you do?

On a positive note, ( I know… how could there be a positive to this!?) but we designed Jane to handle these kinds of scenarios and we even have a dedicated privacy and security team to help you out. By default, we don’t store any files locally on your computer so that if someone gets access to your device, there wouldn’t be any patient files available on the device directly because they are stored in our secured infrastructure.

If you lose your device, or if you have reason to believe there are any suspicious sign-ins or activity within your profile, you’ll want to take these three steps:

  1. Change your Jane password
  2. Review your session activity
  3. Change your email account password

Here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Change Your Password

If your device was stolen or there is an unauthorized sign-in, here’s how you can block access:

Since it’s likely that you would still be signed into a session on a stolen device, you’ll want to change your password on another device which will end all other active sessions. Here’s a Jane guide that goes over how to reset your password: Jane Guide - Changing Your Password

Keep in mind that in order to change your password, you will need to enter your current password that you just used to sign in:


Now, you may be wondering, why does Jane ask you to enter your “current password”? This is an extra feature we added to ensure that it is “you” that is wanting to change your password. Also given that you may have had your Jane account open, we wouldn’t want anyone to be able to change your password, and take control over your account.

Once you reset your password, it will automatically log you out of all of your current active sessions as mentioned.

Step 2: Reviewing Activity in your Account

Jane also tracks what active sessions you have open and you can check them by clicking on your name on the upper right-hand corner and selecting My Account:

From there, select Username/Password where you can then select Manage Sessions:

The manage sessions log will also display the time and date the sign-in occurred, how they signed in, on what device and browser, the IP address, and what activity took place during this session. To end the session click End Session and to view the activity done during that session click on View Activity:


Once you have secured your account, the account owner will have the ability to head to Reports > Activity Log to monitor and review who accessed client records (if applicable). If you’d like to read more about our Activity Log feature, here’s our Jane guide: Activity Log

Also, In the event that Jane recognizes a new device has logged in, you will receive an email notification automatically. If it’s from a device you don’t recognize, I would recommend for you to immediately reset your password because as mentioned above, this will log out all other active sessions:

Step 3: Changing the Password on your Email Account

Last, but definitely not least, should you lose your device you’ll want to change the password for your email address on file with Jane. If you’ve forgotten your password, your email address is often used to recover passwords, including your Jane password, and we send you a recovery link to your email address. So, you can think of your email account as a master key to many of your other accounts so you’ll want to keep it super safe.

We hope this information is helpful but of course, feel free to reach out if you need assistance at [email protected]

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