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I Can't Access my Jane Account: A Troubleshooting Guide

If you’re looking for help resetting your username or password, that can be found here.

☝️ Above, you can click to open up a troubleshooting flow chart that you can download and keep for reference.

👇 Below, we’ll walk through the steps that you can take to reconnect with Jane.

Before we start troubleshooting, let’s check to see if Jane is up and running:

  • You can find Jane’s System Status page here
  • You can also access this page from inside your Jane account by clicking either the Need Help? button or the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner next to your name.

It’s very rare for Jane to go down, but if it does, we’ll keep you up-to-date on what’s happening on that page.

If it says “All Systems Operational,” continue to the steps below to figure out why you’re having trouble accessing Jane. As always, if you get stuck, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 💙

If all is well on our end, let’s get started:

STEP ONE: check your internet connection.

⬇️ Connected to the internet? Let’s move on to…

STEP TWO: checking your internet speed.

⬇️ Speed looking good? How about:

STEP THREE: are you on the patient side of Jane?

⬇️ Not that either? Hmm…

STEP FOUR: have you cleared your cache?

⬇️ Cache all spick-and-span? Let’s:

STEP FIVE: check if our browser and software are up-to-date.

⬇️ If that didn’t help, have you tried…

STEP SIX: restarting your device?

⬇️ Last but not least, how about:

STEP SEVEN: refreshing your homepage button?

⬇️ Still not able to access Jane?

STEP EIGHT: give us a call & we’ll do our best to help.

Step one: check your internet connection

🧐 The issue:

Because Jane is a web-based application, you’ll need a healthy connection to the internet to get up and running.

🛠️ Troubleshooting:

Step 1: Try turning off the wifi on your phone and seeing if you can load Jane using your cellular data. If you can, it’s a good indicator that the problem is somewhere in your clinic internet or network connection.

Step 2: Try disconnecting and reconnecting to the wifi on your device, as well as restarting your internet modem.

Step 3: If you still can’t connect, reach out to your internet provider directly.

If your internet is able to connect, but you’re still having trouble loading Jane, it’s time to try…

Step two: checking your internet speed

🧐 The issue:

With Jane being a web-based application, you’ll need a connection that is strong enough to support Jane.

🛠️ Troubleshooting:

Step 1: Try running a Speed Test on your device to see if your network connection is strong enough to support Jane:

  • Smaller clinics or solo practitioners with less than 5 staff, we recommend at least 25 Mbps download speed and at least 5 Mbps upload.
  • Larger Clinics with more than 5 staff should have at least 50 Mbps download speed and at least 12 Mbps upload.

Step 2: If your internet is not fast enough, you can try restarting your modem, but you may need to reach out to your internet provider directly for assistance.

Internet speed looking okay? Let’s quickly check to see if you…

Step three: are you on the patient side of Jane?

🧐 The issue:

The URL for your Jane account is very similar to the URL your patients use to book or manage their appointments with you. Sometimes, that means practitioners or admin staff end up signing into the patient side instead of the admin side of Jane!

🛠️ Troubleshooting:

Step 1: check out this guide to see if you’ve logged in as a patient (and if you are a practitioner trying to help a patient log in, we have another guide for that).

Step 2: if you are logged in as a patient, try adding /admin to the end of your Jane account URL and bookmarking it for future use!

That didn’t do the trick? No worries:

Step four: have you cleared your cache?

🧐 The issue:

Sometimes, our browser history tries to hold on to the past (past versions of Jane, that is). Clearing your cache is a bit like spring cleaning for your browser. Out with the old, in with the new!

🛠️ Troubleshooting:

A quick disclaimer: this will reset any other auto sign-ins you might have for other websites. We know that this can be a pain in the neck, but we’ve found a full cache to be a common culprit when folks are having trouble accessing Jane.

Step 1: find your browser in the list below and follow the instructions to clear your cache.

Google Chrome: In the top right-hand corner of your Chrome Browser:

Select the three vertical dots ➡️ Clear Browsing Data.

A new window will pop up: make sure that you clear Cookies and Cached images/files from All Time.

Safari: From the menu, select Safari and choose Clear History. Choose All History and click Clear History.

iPad or iPhone: Open the Settings app, and scroll down to the Safari option. Scroll down towards the bottom and tap the blue words Clear History and Website Data. Tap Clear History and Data.

Microsoft Edge: To clear the browsing history stored on your PC, head to Favourites ➡️ History ➡️ Clear History

Step 2: quit or exit your browser completely (maybe even do a quick restart of your device) and then check to see if Jane is loading as expected.

Still not up and running? Let’s…

Step five: check if our browser and software are up-to-date

🧐 The issue:

Periodically, the browser and operating software on your device will require a little upgrade.

🛠️ Troubleshooting:

Step one: find your browser and/or software in the list below and update as needed.

Step two: For more on Device and Browser Requirements visit our guides on Browsers & Devices and Browser Requirements.

If your browser and software are all shiny and new, and you still can’t access Jane, it’s time for a classic:

Step six: restarting your device

🧐 The issue:

If you never restart your device, there can be programs running in the background that interfere with other operations.

🛠️ Troubleshooting:

Step one: if you’ve ever called tech support before, you know the drill… turn it off and turn it back on. If you’re having trouble restarting your device, you may need to reach out to the manufacturer (or ask a friend to help)!

If all those steps didn’t help and you’re accessing Jane from a homepage button on your tablet or mobile device, we’ve got one more step for you below.

If you’re not using a homepage button, and you’re still having trouble accessing Jane, please get in touch!

Step seven: refreshing your homepage button

🧐 The issue:

If you’re accessing Jane from a button that you created for your homepage, there’s a chance you’re loading an older version of Jane from this button. Let’s see if deleting and re-adding the button helps!

Disclaimer: We’re not referring to your Jane Online Appointments app here! This step only applies to you if you’ve created a homepage button on your tablet or mobile device.

🛠️ Troubleshooting:

Step 1: delete the button

  • Touch and hold your finger on the app icon until you enter edit mode (the icons begin to jiggle)
  • Tap the Delete button (looks like an ‘x’) at the top left of the app icon
  • Tap Delete to confirm the removal

Step 2: re-add the button

  • Using Safari (Apple devices) or Chrome (Android devices), sign in to Jane
  • Click on the Share button (looks like a box with an arrow) to add the link to your homepage

For more tips on using Jane on your tablet or mobile device, you can check out this guide!

Still no luck? Shoot! Please give us a call and we’ll do our very best to help. 💙

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