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Physitrack FAQ + Troubleshooting

This is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about working with Physitrack and Jane, now in a handy bite-sized format! Feel free to scroll through the different topics, or jump straight to a particular question:

I am a practitioner at 2 different Jane clinics. Can I use the same Physitrack account at 2 or more clinics?

Each Physitrack account will integrate with one Jane clinic at a time. The integration between Jane and Physitrack isn’t specific to a clinic, so if a program was updated or assigned Jane wouldn’t know where to send the updates to.

You can sign up for another Physitrack account for each Jane clinic you provide services at, or you can choose not to integrate Physitrack with Jane for one of the clinics.

Can I do group calls?

Physitrack only supports 1-1 calls at this time. According to Physitrack - group calls are on the roadmap and planned for future versions. See Does Physitrack Telehealth support group calls? for the latest information.

I have my own Physitrack account. Can my colleague use my Physitrack account in Jane?

Each practitioner who is using Physitrack would need to sign up for their own independent Physitrack account.

Is the Physitrack price for the whole clinic? Or per practitioner?

Physitrack’s pricing is per practitioner per month. If your clinic has 100+ practitioners looking to integrate into a single account, Physitrack does offer a clinic rate. You can see Physitrack’s current rates at their website here - https://support.physitrack.com/article/159-how-much-does-physitrack-cost. For more information on this, you can reach out to Physitrack support at [email protected].

Can my patient upload an image in the 2-way message feature?

Physitrack’s two-way message feature only supports text messaging and patients aren’t able to upload videos or images.

What is the largest video format that I can upload?

The largest-sized video which can be uploaded to Physitrack is 250MB. Accepted formats for video area as follows: mp4, wmv, avi, mov, mpg, flv, f4v, mp4, m4v, asf, wmv, vob, mod, 3gp, mkv, divx, xvid and webm.

I am receiving a “Practitioner Not found error”, how can I fix this?

This is typically due to a missed step in the Physitrack integration process. You can check to see if you’ve set up the integration correctly by clicking on Settings > Integrations > Physitrack > Test beside your staff profile name.

If the correct keys were provided, you should receive a message saying Successfully connected to Physitrack’s API. Please click “Save”.

If the key fails, you can double-check that you are using the correct keys in your Physitrack account. For steps on where to find your Physitrack Integration Keys, see Physitrack - Setting Up Your Integration.

If you are running into further issues integrating, reach out to our support teams at 1 844-310-JANE(5263) or [email protected] for assistance in setting this up :)

Troubleshooting Physitrack video calls

Depending on the issue you may be facing, there are a number of steps you can take to help resolve. For full steps on troubleshooting your video calls, see Physitrack’s Troubleshooting link here

Troubleshooting your Telehealth Video Call

Is Physitrack HIPPA/PIPA/PIPEDA compliant?

Physitrack provides details on their HIPPA compliance as well as local compliances such as Ontario’s PIPEDA compliance. For further details on this compliance see Physitrack’s compliance statement here - https://www.physitrack.com/privacy.

If there are specific privacy questions you do not see outlined in Physitrack’s privacy statement, we recommend contacting Physitrack directly at [email protected].

How do I integrate my Physitrack account to my Jane account?

See our step by step guide on Physitrack - Setting Up Your Integration for full instructions on how to integrate Jane with Physitrack.

Once you are integrated, check out Physitrack - Using Jane & Physitrack Together for steps on how to get the most out of the integration.

What are Physitrack’s requirements for Telehealth/ Video requirements?

Physitrack has an up to date list of system requirements which can be found on their

Physitrack Telehealth System Requirements page here and support all major browsers below.

  • Google Chrome (latest release version)
  • Firefox (latest release version)
  • Internet Explorer 10 and 11 (with a plugin)
  • Opera (latest release version)

Telehealth calls will also require a working camera and microphone.

Physitrack also has a Test your system for Physitrack Telehealth which you can run to make sure your system is ready for your Telehealth call. See Physitrack Telehealth - Test your System for more information.

How does my patient access their Physitrack Telehealth session?

Patients can be emailed or sent a text message with the link/access code for their telehealth sessions or exercise programs. If the patient is already in the Physiapp, they will receive a notification with instructions to join.

If they have yet to have downloaded the Physitrack app, they will be prompted to download before joining the call for the first time. See Physitrack’s full instructions in their Call your clients directly via “Connect” guide.

Does my patient have to download the Physitrack app to access their exercises or videos?

Physitrack does not require that the patient download the Physitrack app in order to access their exercises or videos. Instead, they can click on the web link in their email to access their programs without using the app.

Can I assign more than one program at the same time to a client?

Physitrack supports one exercise program at a time per patient. This is done in order to make the program as easy to use as possible for your patients. Your patient should always be able to conveniently access the entire combined program under one access code. IF you would like to add exercises to an existing program, you can follow these steps in the below guide.

How do I assign multiple programs at the same time to a client?

I’ve accidentally linked a patient profile to the wrong Physitrack account, how do I fix this?

Oh not to worry our support team is able to help out with this! Contact us here.

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