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Fullscript FAQ + Troubleshooting

This is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about working with Fullscript and Jane, now in a handy bite-sized format! Feel free to scroll through the different topics, or jump straight to a particular question:

How many staff members can I have integrated to access Fullscript in Jane?

There is no limit to the number of practitioners you can have integrated to Fullscript. Each practitioner will need to have their own profile in Fullscript to add and create recommendations. Once you’ve set up a Fullscript account, you can add the integration by following our Fullscript and Jane guide.

I’ve integrated with Fullscript but I’m not able to prescribe any prescriptions or supplements, how can I fix this?

Each practitioner is required to submit proof of licensure to confirm their status as a healthcare provider. If your documents contain expiration dates, renewed documentation will be required to prescribe through your account. For steps on where to submit this see the Fullscript guide Maintaining your professional certification with Fullscript.

Fullscript manages a number of reports for all prescriptions and this information is not brought into your Jane Account. You can find your reports by logging into Fullscript directly then by going to the Reports tab.

Fullscript provides reports for income tax purposes, practitioner earning reports as well as prescription details which can be further filtered here. You can check out further details on their reports by visiting the Fullscript Report Knowledgebase

How often do I see payouts in Fullscript and how can I get paid?

Fullscript sends all payouts from eligible orders to your bank account every 30 days. Payouts can be deposited to checking accounts and you will need your banking information handy to set this up or change out your account.

You can find these options under Dispensary Settings > Payments in Fullscript.

Reporting information for payouts does not transfer over to Jane and instead can be viewed and exported directly from your Fullscript account under the Reports.

I’ve signed up for a clinic key with Fullscript, can I use this instead of my individual practitioner key?

You bet! All members of the same practice are able to share the same clinic key and integrate with Fullscript. Something important to note is if you are sharing one clinic key, there will be a single payout to a single bank account, and payouts cannot be split among practitioners.

Fullscript does have a handy report where you can view how much of the payout will be for a specific practitioner so it’s easy to break down how much is owed to each practitioner.

Otherwise, if you would like the payouts to be entirely separate, you can have your colleagues sign up for their own Fullscript account and add their own unique API instead.

You can add this clinic key under your Jane account by visiting Settings > Integrations > Fullscript.

Can I discount my Fullscript prescriptions and supplements?

When it comes to discounts, Jane does not have the ability to add any discounts from the Jane facing side, so the pricing showing when creating your recommendation will be the MSRP (Manufacturer Retail Suggested Price) in Fullscript.

It is possible for a practitioner to add a patient discount on Fullscript, which will apply to the patient’s order as normal. If you were wanting to discount Fullscript orders, you can find more about this under Fullscript’s guide Make a Profit with Fullscript in the Patient Discounts section.

These discounts will be reflected on the patient end when they click into their Fullscript recommendation email. When the patient receives this link and clicks on it, it will take them to their Fullscript profile where they will be able to see their recommendation, including the % discount saved. For a visual on how this would look, check out the where do I see my discount applied to my orders Fullscript guide.

Make a profit with Fullscript

How do I customize my Fullscript programs, landing page and add my own branding?

A practitioner is able to customize their own online store and landing page within your Dispensary Settings under Your Landing Page.

If I sign a chart entry before I hit Send on my Fullscript recommendation can I still send my patient their recommendation?

If a chart entry is signed and locked before the Fullscript recommendation is sent, Jane will not automatically send it to the patient and you will not be able to enter the chart again to click the Send option. The Fullscript recommendation should always be sent before the chart is signed and locked.

I’ve accidentally linked a patient profile to the wrong Fullscript account, how do I fix this?

Not to fret, as our support team is able to help out with this! Get in touch with us here.

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