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1. Clinic Info & Locations

A lot of this will have been autopopulated from the information you entered when you were signing up for Jane, but you can always come back here and make changes. The basic information is at the top, and then you can scroll down to the bottom to view your specific location details. If you only have one location, that’s no problem– there will just be one listed. If you have more than one, your first location will be the default location. You can click on the location to view the details.

One of the things you can change here is one whether or not you want this location available in online booking. The Long description will show on the Location Page.

You can also enter your physical address and a billing address if you wanted your address showing up differently on your receipt. You can also show your business or tax numbers to show on every invoices.

The emails and phone number are going to be public, so make sure you’re comfortable with which address is shown. This is also the email that all replies to booking and reminder emails will go to for all locations, since this is the default clinic.

The location map– most people keep the zoom at 14 or 15, but you can go ahead and play around with that til you get it somewhere you like. Then hit Update location!

2. Branding

This is where you can customize your online booking and customer portal to match your colours– this will change how it looks for your patients, but your admin side will continue to look like this. You can choose a similar looking colour, or if you have the exact html colour codes you can enter those as well.

Here you can upload your logo. You would attach the logo just as if you were attaching it to an email, so you would click choose file… locate the file on your computer, and then click Upload.

There are two here so there’s the logo for your invoices, receipts, intake forms, et cetera. And then there’s a banner style logo that will be used for emails. You can use the same logo for both if you would like. If it has successfully been uploaded you will see a preview of it here.

And now here you can grab the code to put a button on your website, if you have a separate website for your clinic so if you put these into a page that reads HTML. You can choose from the dropdown menu which page you want the button to link to, whether its your main booking page, a specific location, or a specific practitioner. You can also generate multiple to have on different pages of your website. Of course you or your web designer are welcome to create your own, but these are the ones that we provide for your convenience.

3. Emails

Here you can preview all of the emails within Jane and see how those are going to look. Jane pulls the information from this email from a lot of different places, so you don’t have to worry about updating the emails every time you make a change, but some of the text can be edited under Languages– which we will go over after.

4. Mass Welcome Email

This is a one-time email that you can send out to everyone in your database to let them know that you have a new booking system, and to invite them to create their accounts.

5. Online Booking

so this is where you will choose all of your preferences for your online booking. Here you will see the master switch for online booking. If you aren’t going to be using online booking for the time being, but you think you might be later– it’s best to leave things “bookable online” everywhere else in Jane– and just turn off this master switch, so you don’t have to run through and turn things back on everywhere else when you do start using online booking.

If you change this policy at any time, and you want to make it effective for existing clients, not just new clients you would just click the appropriate button here.

Here is another place where you can quickly turn online booking on or off for certain locations, practitioners or treatments.

If you’re using Jane Payments you can set up a payment policy for patients, you can have a different policy for first visits– if you want patients to pay for their visits upfront, or put a deposit. Or even just have a credit card on file in order to book. If you want them to pay a deposit, enter the amount.

Now let’s go down to Booking and Cancelling

Allow same day booking: so this means that anything within the same day, whether or not that can be booked. And you can create a buffer for that. Commonly clinics will liek to have 12 to 24 hours notice for bookings. But another thing you can do is Disallow same day booking, but check this box to have those avilablilities as contact to book– so patients will see that there is time available this evening, for example, bit they will have to calll you to schedule that time– so you don’t have to worry about any scheduling surprises.

You can set your cancellation period– clinics often choose 24 hours for this, this is just your standard cancellation policy– how much advance notice you want from patients if they have to cancel their appointment.

Allow Cancellations. If this is checked, patients will be able to cancel their own appointments within the portal, but if it is within that 24 hour cancellation time, they will still have to call.

Allow patients to add themselves to waitlist, will of course allow patients to add themselves to the waitlist.

If you want to limit the number of upcoming appointments that an individual patient can have, you would do that here.

And finally your Display Preferences. You can show how you want your treatments to show up, and if you want your email and phone number to show.

Your meta description is the description of your clinic that will show in your google results. If you’re not sure what to write, it might be helpful to Google some SEO tips for your discipline.

You can choose how you want practitioners to show up on your booking page, the wording of your Email list opt ins. Some clinics that won’t be using this feature like to add that the email frequency. (Less than 1 per month).

While you CAN opt in all your patients to Email Marketing, we highly highly highly recommend that you check your local anti spam laws first, as you can get into a lot of trouble for sending unsolicited emails. The critical service notifications such as the Booking confirmations and reminders do not fall under this category, this is just for newsletters and what not.

The final item on this page is for how you want patients to sign in. If you want to allow patients to sign in with their social accounts, like their google or facebook accounts, you can turn that on here.

6. Reminders & Notifications

7. Schedule Settings

8. Intake Form

8a.Creating an Intake form
8b.Intake Forms in a Multidisciplinary Clinic

9. Integrations

10. Language

11. Staff Permissions

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