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US Insurance Step 1

Welcome! If you signed up for Jane’s insurance plan, you are likely super eager to get started.

Look no further! We are going to cover step-by-step how to set up your account for insurance billing.

There are 3 steps that are required to get your account ready to use Jane’s Insurance features:

Set Up Task Task Complete
Adding Your Insurers ✍️
Assign Rates to Your CPT Codes
Location & Staff Billing Info

Step 1: Adding Your Insurers

The first step to setting up for successful insurance billing is to add in all the insurance companies you’d like to bill. You’ll need to create the list of insurance companies you’ll be billing before you can start entering patient insurance information, setting up your CPT and Diagnosis codes, and insuring visits.

Creating the Insurer

Starting from the Settings tab, scroll down to the Insurers section on the left-hand side.

Select ”New Insurer” from the top right, and then fill out the insurer’s information as required in the form.

Important Note: If you’d like to bill using our EDI generation/download tool for submission, you’ll need to add the following fields to your insurer:

  • Insurer Name
  • Payer ID
  • Insurance Program

Billing Portals

If you’re using Jane’s integrated claims workflow through Claim.MD, you won’t need to worry about this as your claims will go directly to the Clearinghouse from Jane (smooth!). However, if you submit through Office AllyTriZetto, and/or Availity, then you can input the Clearinghouse portal web address here for quick access. This will allow you to launch the Clearinghouse portal from Jane for claim submissions.

Treat CPT Units as Separate Line Items

Do you bill multiple units of the same procedure (i.e. multiple units of massage)? Have you billed this insurer in the past for multiple units of the same procedure? Does this insurer pay for all units as a group, or do they pay each unit individually?

Some insurers treat each unit of a procedure individually, while others will treat all units of a procedure as a single or grouped line item on the bill.

The default for new insurers you create in Jane will be treat multiple units of the same procedure as a single - or grouped - line item. This means that when billing multiple units of a procedure, Jane will display a single Allowed Amount and a single line on the EOB Screen for all units.

However, if your insurer treats each unit of a procedure separately, then you’ll want to check this setting to ensure that when billing multiple units of a procedure, each unit has its own Allowed Amount and line item on the EOB Screen. ☑️

That said, we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves. You’ll learn more about Allowed Amounts and managing insurer EOBs in later parts of this course!😅

Saving Your Insurer

Once you’ve finished entering the insurer details, click “Create Insurer” to finish. Continue setting up each insurance company you’ll be billing. There’s no need to set up all possible insurers from the get-go, as you can always come back to this area and create a new insurer later (i.e. if you starting treating a client with insurance coverage you’ve never billed before).

Pro Tip: For any insurers you have set up, you can have your patients upload a picture of their insurance card through their intake form. Find some info on that tool here.

Amazing! One step down, two more to go 👏

Step 2 here.

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