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Memberships FAQ

This guide is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions about Jane’s Memberships feature. If you haven’t seen them already, we have a handful of Memberships guides on several topics, before looking at these FAQ’s:

If you’ve already reviewed those guides above, take a peek at these FAQ topics below:

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Membership Setup

Can a product be covered as part of a Membership?

Not at this time. Only treatments and classes can be listed as eligible items as part of a Membership or Package.

Can I collect payment automatically without setting up a Membership?

No. In order to create a recurring invoice or collect payment automatically, you’ll first need to set up a Membership.

Is it possible to have an ongoing membership without expiry?

Not at this time. All memberships have an expiry date and once expired, a new membership can be sold to start a new term.

If I edit a membership’s settings, will it affect the memberships I’ve already sold?

Great question. Only some membership settings can be updated on previously sold memberships. These are name, quantity, income category, auto-selection, cancellation term, and eligible items. If you want to update one of those settings on previously sold memberships, you’ll want to click the Update All Memberships button after you’ve made your changes:

If you want to edit a previously sold membership to change the price, billing cycle, or another setting that isn’t listed above, you’ll want to cancel the sold membership, update the membership settings, and then sell a new, updated membership.


Selling a Membership

Where can I sell a Membership to a client?

A membership can be sold to a patient/ client by clicking New Purchase > New Membership from their Profile > Billing > Packages & Memberships area.

Can my clients buy a membership online?

Selling a membership to a patient/client is an administrative-only feature at this time. Patients cannot pre-purchase memberships online via their My Account Portal or on the online booking site.

They will need to reach out to the clinic directly so that the membership sale can be added administratively to their billing.

Can a membership be shared amongst family members or more than 1 patient?

Memberships can currently only be redeemed by the patient who purchased the membership. If several patients intend to share a membership, we recommend that a shared gift card is used instead. This will allow multiple patients to access and redeem the credit that has been loaded onto the card to cover the cost of their appointment.

What’s the difference between Manual and Automatic payments?

The Payment Processing method will determine how the upcoming billing cycles of the membership will be paid. In both cases, invoices will be generated according to the billing schedule.

With Manual Payments, a clinic staff member will need to Receive a Payment to indicate how the invoice was paid— just as you would with a regular appointment or product sale. Users with Jane Payments will have access to Automatic Payments. When the next billing cycle is generated, a designated card on file will be automatically processed as payment.

Can I set up Automatic (Recurring) Payments for a membership if I am not using Jane Payments.

No. Automatic (recurring) payments are only available via the Jane Payments integration at this time.


Membership Management

What is the difference between deleting and cancelling a Membership?

Deleting a membership is the best course of action if a membership was invoiced out of error. Otherwise, cancelling a membership will terminate any scheduled billing cycles and payments before the contract end date. If you’d like to learn more, we have an entire guide document dedicated to this specific question.

Can a patient cancel their Membership on their own?

At this time, a patient is unable to cancel their membership themselves via the patient portal. A clinic staff member will be able to cancel the membership administratively on their behalf.

Are Clients Automatically Sent Membership Receipts?

Yes, when an automatic membership payment is taken, a patient will be sent a receipt automatically.

Can I change the credit card on an active membership between billing cycles?

Yes, you can change the credit card on file during an active membership.

  • In the patient’s profile, head to their BIlling tab
  • Go to Packages & Memberships & click on View
  • Then, click on Edit
  • If the new credit card hasn’t yet been added, click on Add New Card and input the card information
  • Select the new card as the Payment Method and Save to update

I want to cancel a membership, but it’s only showing me the option to delete.

Jane will show the option to delete a membership if all of the invoiced billing cycles are unpaid. If deleting is the preferred action (over cancelling), you’ll want to unapply any payments that have been applied towards the active billing cycles.

I made a mistake and deleted/cancelled a membership by accident, can I undo this?

It is not possible to reverse a membership cancellation or deletion at this time. We recommend selling another instance of the same membership to your client.

Can I use a credit that a patient has on file to pay for their next automatic membership billing cycle?

No. At this time, you cannot use a patient’s credit on file to pay for an automatic billing cycle. Only credit cards can be used for auto-billing on memberships in Jane. If your memberships are set up for manual payments, this is an option!

Can a patient pause their Membership and resume it at a later date?

Not at this time. A membership cannot be paused, however, you can cancel the membership and begin a new one at a later date, if needed. We recognize that there are occasionally circumstances where a patient may need to pause their membership, such as going through a major life event or financial hardship. We hope to add the ability to pause a membership in future iterations of this feature!

Will unused services in a membership cycle rollover to the next billing cycle?

No, at this time, unused redemptions within the current billing cycle will not roll over.

Can the payment method be changed for a membership partway through?

Yes, you can change the method of payment for a membership that has already started.

If you head to the Billing section of a patient’s profile and navigate to Packages & Memberships, you will be able to View the membership that you have sold. From here, you’ll be able to Edit the membership.

If billing automatically, you can select an alternate card or Add a New Credit Card that you’d like to bill. If you want to record payments for the membership outside of Jane Payments, you can set the payment processing for this membership as Manually.

Note that if you would like to modify a payment for a previously collected membership invoice, you might consider also refunding the patient payment so that you can collect on the membership invoice with an alternate payment method.

We often find that once we release a feature, as big as something like Memberships, there is an opportunity to elevate the feature to fit your needs (even more!). So, we’d love it if you’d send us an email at [email protected] to share your feedback so that we can learn what you like (and what you would like to see) as we continue planning for the future. 🙏 Or, join the conversation in our community group on Facebook.

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