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Selling a Membership

So, you’ve done the legwork, and now it’s time for the fun part! Selling a Membership. To initiate the Membership Sale process, head over to a client’s Profile > Billing > Packages & Memberships section.


From here, click on the New Purchase button, and you will be able to select whether to sell a package or sell a membership. Let’s select New Membership.

Once the Membership Sale page has been brought up, there are a few fields to specify:

  • Membership: Choose the type of membership to sell to your client. This list is based on the membership templates you have set up under the Settings Tab.
  • Location: If your clinic operates out of multiple locations, indicate which one this membership will be invoiced under (for accounting purposes).
  • Start Date: Determines when the first billing cycle of the membership should begin.
    • 💰 Note: you can set the start date to a date in the past if you’d like to apply the Membership retroactively to past appointments. Invoices will be created, but you will need to manually process those payments, even if you have the Membership set to Automatic Payments. We don’t want any surprises for you or your clients!

Next, we can indicate how the invoices for this Membership will be paid.

  • With Manual Payments, a clinic staff member will need to Receive a Payment to indicate how the invoice was paid— just as you would with a regular appointment or product sale. You would want to select this option if the client is planning to pay with a non-Jane Payments payment method (e.g. Cash, Cheque, third-party CC terminal).
  • The Automatic Payment option is available to users who have at least one Jane Payments account set up within their account. When the next billing cycle is generated, a designated card on file will be automatically processed as payment.

If setting up an Automatic Payment, you can choose from a list of your client’s existing cards, or you can add a new card on file straight from this page.

When you are happy with the way the Membership is shaping up, click the Next button.

On this page, you will have the opportunity to review the terms of the Membership. You can head Back if you notice any changes to make, otherwise, you can Finalize the Membership.

Note that once you click Finalize Membership, you’ll be brought to this screen you see below. The Collect Payment button will only appear if you’ve chosen to collect the payment manually (i.e., the client does not have a card on file). You can update this to automatic at any time.

Let’s take a look with Aurelia!


Success! Once your Membership is set up, you’ll be presented with a few handy options:

  • Print Membership Terms: Print a document that includes all of the Membership Terms for your client.
  • View Membership: Jump straight to the details page of your new membership.
  • Collect Payment: If you had set up a Membership that is paid Manually, then you may wish to proceed to collect payment from your patient for the first billing cycle. If your Membership is set to Automatic Payments or has a Start Date set to the future, payment will not need to be collected at this time.


Now that your patient or client is set up with a Membership, we will want to redeem the membership for any eligible services. Check out our guide on Redeeming Memberships to learn more.

If you made a mistake and would like to Delete or Cancel a Membership— never fear! We also have a guide for that too.

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